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music list

Dec. 14th, 2020 12:14 am
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This entry will be constantly edited as I add/upload songs/albums/artists to my music library. Check back often! If you would like something uploaded RITENAO, leave a comment, and I'll get it to you asap. :D

» Album
→ Single song
→ *Rare/B-side/Special

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this all started because [ profile] cathenian mentioned on Twitter that her friend was getting in Inception fandom and needed some recs to be ~eased in. OBVIOUSLY, I TOOK THIS REQUEST TO HEART because as of 10/25/2011, this rec list contains 618 fic recs. (I KNOW.)

  • This is NOT a complete list. It will never be a complete list. As long as fandom stays alive, this will never be finished.
  • Also, despite common belief that I've read everything in this fandom, I HAVEN'T. 
  • I will be modifying these lists as long as I continue reading fic :D
  • Only reading & adding completed fics
  • YOU SHOULD SEND ME YOUR RECS. I AM JUST SAYING. quid pro quo, bro. quid pro quo.
  • er, the formatting varies a bit, but all recs A - Z are Arthur/Eames.
  • Please heed the warnings as listed by the author! I didn't post warnings as I know some people don't like to be spoiled, but if you do have a trigger, look at the author's notes before reading.
  • er, what else.
  • oh, resources! um, me mostly, but there are other fabulous rec lists out there! When I first got into fandom, I worked off a list made by [ profile] sms_recs (who is awesome, btw. if you're new to any of her fandoms, she will take care of you.) I also track [ profile] mementis' rec:arthur/eames tag which has led to many beautiful a find *_* [ profile] bookshop has also never led me astray. you can find her recs at delicious and on pinboard
  • ASK ME FOR MY PERSONAL COMMENTARY :D i like telling people what's good about fics/authors, so if you want a better idea of what you're getting yourself into, just let me know!
  • I left more notes/blathering here
  • Here are reasons why your fic isn't listed.

MASTERPOST | A - H | I - O | P - T | U - Z + EXTRAS

endnote: CURRENTLY READING/TO READ (aka authors who will be put on the list as soon as i'm finished):
[ profile] acquiescence_
[ profile] bauble
[ profile] dearprose
[ profile] elesteria
[ profile] gelbwax
[ profile] imogenedisease
[ profile] mami_san
[ profile] pen_pistola
[ profile] sho_no_tabi
[ profile] sparrow_hubris
[ profile] whiskyrunner
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the holiday season is upon us! :D
  • firstly, if you haven't been by [ profile] sneaqui's Inception friending meme, you are missing out!
  • secondly, IDK what to say to my new friends! HI FRIENDS :D if there is anything you want to chat about or squee over, PLEASE FEEL FREE <3 you are also never, ever obligated to stick around! if you get bored of/annoyed with/pissed at me, I will not be offended if you de-friend
  • thirdly, I am about to start writing holiday cards, so if you want one, either leave me your address here or PM it to me!
  • fourth, I have an iPad.(!!!) WHAT ARE SOME GOOD/FUN APPS! i like useful things for class. and also, puzzle/strategy games. but if it's a really cool action or rpg, I WILL NOT SAY NO. i can't keep playing temple run forever, my hand hurts.
  • lastly, if you haven't dropped by the holiday love meme and left some love (FOR ME.) you are also missing out.

meme time!

Dec. 8th, 2011 01:37 pm
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Comment to this post, and I will list five things I associate with you, They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your LJ (or just add a reply back to me). Other people (including me) can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

from [ profile] ilovetakahana
i can summarize my commentary into five words! eames. arthur. eames. arthur. & EAMES/ARTHUR. )
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    Includes: The Pilot, Location Work, The Ensemble, Clothing The Characters and Breaking New Ground.
    Runtime is 1 hour 15 minutes.
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If the schedule doesn't work for you, please tell me when would be a better time by taking the poll!
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guiding light
an arthur/eames fanmix for [ profile] fae_boleyn

we're chasing something we'll never catch )
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hopefully, we can get this up and running fairly soonish! Thank you to everyone who voted ♥!!
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How would you feel about a fandom scavenger hunt? If you've ever seen the one done by [Poll #1797915]
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taken from [ profile] anamuan

The first person however many people to respond to this entry with a prompt (fandom options:
Band of Brothers | The Good Wife | Harry Potter | Inception | STXI RPF)
gets a little off-the-cuff fic. The rest of you creaters out there post the
same thing in your journals (artists, do an art-fill and pass it on :D),
and we can make this day a little more livable.
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this one's for [ profile] krytella and [ profile] night_reveals because they missed their exit and almost ended up in Texas IN THE RAIN ): so i told them a story about Arthur and Eames and a road trip with a lot of firsts.

because i am a good friend. and not because i'm avoiding my inception bang.

(i swear)

Arthur as a graduate of Cal Poly SLO is my new head-canon. )

also: em says i'm like magic. I AM INCLINED TO AGREE. :D
also also: [ profile] squirtblossom is AWESOME and bought me a pinboard account! *___* I SOLEMNLY SWEAR TO USE MY NEW BOOKMARKING POWERS FOR GOOD.

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U - Z ). Despite Kristoph Gavin being locked away for his crimes, Phoenix Wright cannot rest until he unlocks the secrets he'd come across during his investigations. He hires Dom Cobb and his team of extractors to get the truth that his magatama can't. (INCEPTION/ACE ATTORNEY!! :DDD)
  • Uncomplicated by [ profile] blue_fish. Eames finds out that Arthur feels calm when he's in pain.
  • Under Any Other Flag by [ profile] butterflythread. (AU) They'll fly under an Imperial flag for now, but heaven help the skies when they change their minds.
  • Undress Me in the Temple Electric by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Arthur is an ex-model and Eames is Vegas card dealer. Arthur wants Eames to help him with a con.
  • Unexpected Plot Twist by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Arhur doesn't take calls from numbers that aren't in his phone. His voicemail is set up to automatically delete when full. That being said, this incoming call is a blocked number, which immediately piques his interest.
  • Unforgiven by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is dead. Arthur goes out for revenge.
  • Untitled by [ profile] pyrimidine. small scenes in which Eames's appearance keeps changing and Arthur is like, wtf.
  • Untitled by [ profile] pyrimidine. You know that thing where a woman drops something down her cleavage, well Eames does it with something Arthur absolutely needs, but down his pants.
  • Untitled by [ profile] amazingly_me. Daycare!AU!
  • Untitled by [ profile] airgiodslv. (Black Jewels Crossover AU) There’s enough dark power rolling out from the door to the library to warn Arthur both of who’s inside and of the occupant’s current mood.
  • Untitled / Untitled, redux by [ profile] helenish. Arthur, extraordinarily capable by any standard, is not exactly built for certain types of subterfuge.
  • Untitled by [ profile] butterflythread. Vampire Academy AU. (with backstory comment!fic by abuseofreason!)
  • Untitled by [ profile] butterflythread. Arthur is twenty-four years old when he cashes his first million dollar paycheck. This doesn't surprise Eames. What does surprise him is the fact that instead of some meticulously researched investment properties or something equally pragmatic, Arthur buys a car.
  • Untitled by [ profile] bookshop. Arthur likes, Arthur hates, Arthur hopes.
  • Untitled by [ profile] dialectical. (AU) Random cat boy kiss in the rain.
  • Untitled by [ profile] onthecount. There's a bad fight--three of them, actually.
  • Wait and Know the Coming of a Little Love by [ profile] maybe77. (High School AU) As Eames’ mother’s alcoholism worsens, he takes it out on his next-door neighbor, Arthur.
  • Waiting On by [ profile] thehoyden. (AU) "French toast, pancakes, steak and eggs -- I could make you anything in the world, pet, but no. Egg-white omelette, morning after morning. It shows a distinct lack of imagination."
  • Waiting on a Love Like This by [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) Eames is a college kid that works late-night at an In-N-Out close to the beach (alternately, any fast-food chain or Denny's). Arthur's the high school kid who walks in one night, after Prom with his friends, and steals Eames's heart.
  • Wake Me Up Daily, Don’t Need No Starbucks by [ profile] butterflythread. So they've been dancing around the UST between them forever, of course, with no end in sight.... and then one day, in or out of a job, Arthur inadvertently calls Eames "baby" and blows every circuit in Eames' box.
  • Walk a Crooked Mile by [ profile] battleofhydaspe. 'He was killed with a Webley-Fosbery, wasn’t he?'
  • Want Me More Than Others by [ profile] kellifer_fic. He doesn’t present the key to his apartment in a gift box with a ribbon around it. Instead when they’re sharing a smoke in Lille, Arthur tucks the cigarette into the corner of his mouth, digs into his pocket for his key ring and snaps the spare off. He says, “Here, you might as well have this,” as smoke escapes around the words and through his lips.
  • Want You Right Now, Darling by [ profile] meiface. In which unexpected side effects have left Eames incapable of uttering the word "darling" without rendering himself an irresistible object of lust to everyone except Arthur. Arthur is not pleased. Also, Cobb wants to write a book.
  • We Both Go Down Together. by [ profile] fermine. 5 times Eames kissed Arthur and 1 time Arthur kissed him.
  • We Can Do This Until We Pass Out / Masterpost by [ profile] delires. They meet at this club in Soho. That’s Soho, London, not NYC. If it were NYC, Arthur would have better fucking places to go than G-A-Y. But it’s not, and he doesn’t.
  • We Should Be Whispering All the Time by [ profile] tequilideas. I feel morally obligated to state for the record that I think this is a terrible idea,” Eames says. “I think dating co-workers is a terrible, catastrophic, Roland Emmerich-level disaster kind of idea.” Yusuf snorts. “You only say that because Arthur dumped you.”
  • We Used to Wait by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. The first time Dominick Cobb meets Arthur, he is 22 and the boy is 14. The last time Eames meets him, he is 34 and Arthur is 29.
  • We Walk the Same Path (But Got on Different Shoes by [ profile] lastling. (AU) in which arthur recruits eames to "inception industries", an assassination company.
  • We Were Once Cinema Gods by [ profile] gyzym. (AU) That's the thing about Hollywood--everyone has a Hollywood story.
  • We Will Find a Shelter by [ profile] helloclock. Eames thinks he's helping Arthur make amends with an ex. Who knows why Arthur thought Eames was the best choice for the job. Head injury, maybe.
  • We’ll Always Have Motel 6 by [ profile] laceymcbain. “No, Arthur, we can stay here at the Motel 6 forever. I'll get a job washing dishes and parking cars, and you can start as a busboy and work your way up to night manager. We'll stay here in Room 13, living on take-away Chinese and love, and never, ever have to leave.”
  • We’ll Meet Again, Mr. Bond by [ profile] andrealyn. Arthur wishes that just once, he'd be let to play James Bond instead of just holding the keys for the car.
  • We’ll Sit and Wait for the Stars to Take Hold by [ profile] knowmydark. “There’s nothing else,” Arthur grits out against Eames’ shoulder. “We’re boxed in and we’re two guns to twenty-three."
  • We’re Always Kickin’ Back by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) “Wait, so, you’ve really never smoked a spliff before?’ Eames is squinting down at Robert, who is giggling quietly on the floor. He manages to shake his head, covering his mouth with one hand.
  • We’re Just Amateur Lovers and Amateur Friends by [ profile] la_victorienne. There might be a reason Eames doesn't know what Arthur's totem is.
  • Wearing Down the Rough Edges by [ profile] kellifer_fic. Arthur and Eames move in together.
  • Welcoming Back From the Ocean by [ profile] wldnst. The team disbands and Eames becomes a lobsterman. One day, he shoots a seal.
  • Weltschmerz by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. How to come to terms with the unsatisfactory nature of physical reality.
  • Werner Herzog Reads Dreamshare by [ profile] weatherfront. ...Thus it becomes clear, even to the uninitiated observer, that the world of shared dreaming is a rejection of civilization itself. (i would say don’t read it if only because IFRIT SHOULDN’T BE ENCOURAGED. but.)
  • What Happens at Camp Pine Ridge (Stays at Camp Pine Ridge) by [ profile] reliablemachine. It's the middle of summer, second week of July, and Eames's campers are totally out of control.
  • What I Did on My Summer Vacation by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Jet skis and a fight scene.
  • What’s a Little Contract Hit Between Friends? by [ profile] laceymcbain. Arthur (accidentally) puts out a hit on Eames.
  • What’s the Time, Mr. Wolff? by [ profile] kiyala. Eames is a master thief, and Arthur is the jaded son of a rich businessman, stuck in a life he doesn't want. On a heist to steal artwork from Arthur's family home, Eames steals Arthur instead, and leads him into the world of shared dreaming. Finding their places in the world as mind criminals is easy. Figuring out how they fit together—and understanding themselves along the way—is not.
  • When I Grew Up by [ profile] aimlesstravels. Phillipa Marjorie Cobb is eleven years old the first time she sees her Uncle Arthur break down and cry. She's eleven and a half the first time he makes her cry.
  • When the Sun Rises, Tell Me You’ll Still Be Here by [ profile] onthecount. Arthur has a secret, and letters are exchanged.
  • When Two Suns Are Shining (the battle becomes blinding) by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur and Eames have a special arrangement: whenever a hit is placed on either of them, the other takes the job to keep him from getting killed.
  • When We Swam by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Cobb gets a lesson about Buddhist theology, Arthur always needs to be 17 moves ahead, and Eames doesn't know why.
  • Where All the Roads Lead by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames resorts to drastic measures to convince Arthur to go on holiday.
  • Where I Intended to Be by [ profile] amazingly_me. (AU) 'Oh Arthur,' his mother says rapturously after Arthur has escaped the ill intentions of the second magician andbeen singled out for embarrassment by Lord Godfrey’s steward through no fault of his own, 'I always hoped one of my sons would be a Heroic Archetype!'
  • Where Once Our Bodies Lay by [ profile] starlingthefool. (AU) And from my tenth floor tenement, where once our bodies lay, how I longed to hear you say: No, they'll never catch us now.
  • Where the Wild Things Are by [ profile] aestheticized. (AU) eames is a werewolf. arthur is a vampire.
  • Wherever You Will Be (That’s Where I’ll Call Home) aka domesticverse by [ profile] gyzym. People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don't talk to for thirteen months shouldn't be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur's chest is doing. There are rules. (for the latest additions to this verse, check out the tag.)
  • Who Seems Most Kingly by [ profile] mixtapestar. (AU) Prince Eames meets his new servant boy.
  • Why Don’t We Do It in the Road by [ profile] sometimesalways. Just your ordinary stake-out.
  • Window Born to Be Broken by [ profile] wldnst. Eames is a romance novelist. There is a very pretty man in the window across from his new apartment.
  • With the Perfect Armour (with a perfect dream) by [ profile] knowmydark. A story about lost chances and rediscovering them. Arthur goes to Limbo to search for Eames.
  • With a Rifle or a Gun by [ profile] addandsubtract. There are many things that Arthur knows about himself with certainty – he’s a damn good shot, he’s allergic to artificial grape flavoring, he can’t stand tiny, rat-shaped dogs – but what probably gives him the most trouble is how terrible an actor he is. And he knows this.
  • With Regard to Shadowboxers by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur and Eames sabotage each other's jobs-- until they can't anymore. Or: How Arthur and Eames Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Their Own Form of Social Capital.
  • Words, Words, Words by [ profile] andrealyn. (AU) Arthur teaches English at Saito Prep and life would be so much easier without resident drama teacher, Mr. Eames. It would also be far less fun and involve far less wooing.
  • World’s Afire by [ profile] lmeden. (AU) Arthur is standing in his small apartment, a long match in his hand, blazing with light at its tip, when it begins.
  • Worth by [ profile] climb. When Death shares her secret with you, then it's time.
  • Worth the Postage by [ profile] amazingly_me.
  • Write Your Name on the Dotted Line by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur and Eames are older, and they have never had sex in their own skin.
  • Y Los Chicos, Se Están Besando by [ profile] recrudescence. It’s a combination of gratefulness and the Pride footage showing on one of the café’s televisions that has Arthur announcing, “I could marry you so hard right now.”
  • Yesterday Was Morning Sex, Today Is Spanking, Tomorrow Is Shower Porn, And Waking Up In Vegas Comes Afterwards / There’s Nowhere to Go But Down (and you’re coming with me) by [ profile] butterflythread. Eames like waking Arthur up with sex. Sometimes this leads to more sex. And dirty talk. And spanking. And Arthur agreeing to go case tables in Las Vegas.
  • You Are Not Allowed to Follow Me by [ profile] bronson. During the taxi cab shoot-out scene, it's Eames that gets shot, not Saito.
  • You Can’t Deny You Want the Happy Ending by [ profile] smallacts. (AU) Or (500) days of Eames.
  • You Clicked Your Heels and Wished for Me by [ profile] someidiothasice. This is nothing like the cartoons, or the post-its, or the clay figurines left for him like little prizes out of crackerjack boxes. This is special. This is personal, for the both of them.
  • You Don’t Know What It’s Been Like (Meeting Someone Like You) by [ profile] papered. Eames' love of patterns includes his boxers. Smiley faces, hundred dollar bills, rocket ships, dinosaurs, paisley, lipstick mouth prints, tweed pattern, flames, zebra stripes, rainbows, Union Jack, just anything ridiculous, and Arthur is all WTAF IS WRONG WITH YOU. And Eames is like, UM, OKAY, IT'S JUST UNDERWEAR, and to spite Arthur he wears a pair of really form-fitting black boxer-briefs one day and Arthur is like HNNNNNNNNGH *_____*
  • You Had Me Hooked at Cthulhu by [ profile] onthecount. (AU) How YouTube almost, maybe, possibly ruined Arthur’s life and improved Eames’ one thousand times over.
  • You Know I Would by [ profile] staraflur. (High school AU) “Besides,” Eames goes on, “I think we already established that I’m not most kids. I can remind you, if you’ve forgot.”
  • You May Find Yourself Living in a Shotgun Shack by [ profile] maybe77. Arthur tries a little self-help, dreamspace style.
  • You’ll Be So Pristine by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Arthur gets a tattoo on his wrist and tries to hide it. Eames finds out and becomes obsessed with it.
  • You’re in a Maze by [ profile] andrealyn. Ariadne glimpses two sides of a story half-told.
  • You’re the One I’ve Been Dreaming of, You See by [ profile] papered. When he walks into his dark hotel room, there is an unexpected, human-shaped lump on the bed.
  • You’re Waiting for a Stranger by [ profile] mixtapestar. (AU) Arthur's plans for his life are very detailed and predictable, just the way he likes it... until Eames comes along.
  • You’ve Got the Touch by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) Eames wipes the blood away from the corner of his mouth. Arthur doesn’t regret punching him at all.
  • Zugunruhe by [ profile] weatherfront. The things that they are too afraid to want.

  • ok fine no it isn't. the following are comment!fics that I've really enjoyed (and if you've gone through everything up to this point, YOU PROBABLY WILL TOO :D)

    comment!fic )
  • Boy in the Angora Sweatervest by [ profile] weatherfront. the porn AU where Eames is a new star and Arthur is his fluffer
  • Clarity Which Clouds My Mind by [ profile] joanses. based on Mumford & Sons’ Winter Winds.
  • Early Returns by anonymous. Newspaper AU.
  • Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name by [ profile] eleveninches. Many people, Eames would find out later, assumed Eames had wanted Arthur from the moment they'd met. It was true Arthur was devestatingly attractive, but in all honesty, the first thing Eames had thought when he'd met Arthur was, Why did Cobb bring his son? (Or: It's all about trust.)
  • I’m the Man Who Loves You (Inside and Out) by [ profile] five_ht. belly rubs!
  • J. Crew AU by [ profile] foxxcub. (not comment!fic, but not!fic. with pictures! delicious sweatervest pictures.)
  • Just a Little Touch by [ profile] avocado_love. In this AU, the world is with tops and bottoms (instead of male/female) people become soul-mates once they have sex with their One True Love. D/s is optional, but it's like once a bottom gets a taste of their soul-mate, it's like the perfect union and the top's cock is like a syringe full of heroin and the other can never get enough of it.
  • Like a Trick of Light (i thought i could move on) by [ profile] two_if_by_sea. Arthur sees their relationship as a business transaction -- the exchange of pleasure for pleasure. Eames has always been in love with Arthur, but he'd rather have Arthur this way than not at all.
  • Love Blurts by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames takes a job with Cobb and Arthur’s competition.
  • Lifestyle Change by [ profile] airgiodslv. “Cobb, what did I tell you about babysitting?” Arthur says calmly. “Call me when they’re old enough to solve a Rubik’s cube.”
  • Marigolds by [ profile] writteninhaste. every year on Arthur's birthday Eames gives him the same gift.
  • Not Necessarily the Best Policy by [ profile] five_ht. A mistake in one of Yusuf's chemicals makes Arthur blurt all of his thoughts out loud. Including the dirty ones. The very, very dirty ones. About Eames.
  • Reject the Null Hypothesis by [ profile] five_ht. Buttplugs? It's just porn, really.
  • Saving People, Hunting Things by [ profile] ethrosdemon. AU, where they (or one of them are) Ghostbusters or Hunters or something like that. Dealing with the supernatural. SAVING PEOPLE.
  • Swallow (1 2 3) by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur... is a very slutty drunk p.s. KEEP SCROLLING.
  • The Day They Broke Arthur by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur is a hardcore badass, not a princess. However one day when working on a project, Arthur faints (maybe from working to hard and forgetting to you know, eat and sleep or whatever angle anon wants to go). Eames and Cobb instantly start fighting over whose job it is to take care of him (Eames playing the boyfriend card and Cobb using the BFF brother card). Of course while their fighting, the others are actually trying to figure out what's wrong with him.
  • The Mating Dance of Wide-Eyed Thieves by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames draws a rise from Arthur, and Arthur draws blood from Eames. Ariadne wonders what it's all about, because she's the only one that knows how to wonder.
  • The One With the Pancakes by [ profile] eleveninches. Instead of warning Eames off Arthur, I want a fill where Cobb actually gives him pointers.
  • The Twist by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Handwaving chemistry makes Arthur smell totally fuckable. So everyone fucks him.
  • Thing by [ profile] pointwoman. (Toddler!AU) Eames absolutely knows that he is gonna marry Arthur when they grown up
  • Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames gets jealous of Arthur’s vibrator.
  • Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. "I think," said Cobb, sounding defeated, "we're going to need Eames for this."
  • Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. In hindsight, Dom should have realized something was up the first time he witnessed Arthur laugh at something Eames said.
  • Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. It wasn’t Victor’s fault the job ended up being a set-up by the mark’s ex-wife. It certainly wasn’t Victor’s fault when Arthur, the point man he had borrowed for this job, was shot in the shoulder, going down without so much as a cry of pain. However, it was Victor’s fault when the c4 he’d had his architect, Hee Young, plant in the office also blew up the hospital next door -- the hospital he’d intended on taking Arthur to once they’d disposed of the men trying to kill them.
  • Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. They were working on perfecting Ariadne's penrose stairs (which she still maintained was the coolest thing ever) when Arthur turned to her and asked, "Do you think Eames is hot?"
  • Untitled. by [ profile] airgiodslv. (Werewolf AU) Trust Arthur to know how to handle lycanthropes, just like he knows how to handle bloody everything else.
  • Untitled by [ profile] bronson. Eames is a mechanic. Arthur has a fancy car.
  • What Doesn’t Kill You by [ profile] airgiodslv. (Double genderswap) She hates that they’re even talking about this. She hates that Eames has seen her stabbed, shot and disemboweled, but this is still an issue, still something to be addressed.
  • You’re Waiting for an Orgasm by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur is inflicted by a "Have sex or Die" poison. Everyone fights to be the one to save him.
  • You’ve Got a Smile That Could Light up This Whole Town by [ profile] someidiothasice. Arthur is the popular kid. Drama student Eames pines.

  • ...........and well. since i have you. MORE.

    REC LIST OF AUTHORS (AKA authors who have written awesome non-A/E-centric fics):
    or: WE GET IT, YOU REALLY LIKE THESE WRITERS. my heart wants what it wants, you guys.

    AND THEN SOME ) -- Something Like a Hero. Ariadne/Mal.
    [ profile] addandsubtract -- Until Our Marrows Mix. Cobb/Mal. (Cheating and adding a second, Gen rec because omg STAR TREK AU *_* Spaceman Said Everybody Look Down.)
    [ profile] bookshop -- I Guess We’ll Just Have to Adjust. Gen
    [ profile] bronson -- All Your Theories Turn to Dust. Cobb/Eames
    [ profile] chibi_lurrel -- The Uses of Sorrow. Arthur/Robert
    [ profile] cobweb_diamond -- A Cocktail and a Kiss on the Cheek. Mal/Ariadne.
    [ profile] delires -- The World We Wanted. Cobb/Eames, Arthur/Eames, Mal/Eames, Mal/Cobb
    [ profile] ethrosdemon -- The Deep End of the Ocean. Gen, Robert-centric.
    [ profile] fermine -- In a Dream House, We All Ride Carousels. Cobb/Arthur
    imperfectcircle -- Load, Misdirection, Switch. Ariadne/Saito, Arthur/Eames.
    [ profile] kellifer_fic -- Remember How You Got Here. Ariadne/Arthur
    [ profile] onthecount -- You Know We’ve Missed a Turn. Mal/Ariadne
    [ profile] recrudescence -- Subjacent. Arthur/James
    [ profile] someidiothasice -- Five Things That Never Happened to Arthur. Arthur/Mal, Arthur/Robert
    [ profile] starlingthefool -- The Wind on the Mountain. Ariadne/Arthur/Eames
    [ profile] traincar -- In the Face of All Odds. Arthur/Ariadne
    [ profile] two_if_by_sea -- You Know This Type (i know your type). Arthur/Saito
    [ profile] wldnst -- I Saw a Life, I Called It Mine. Ariadne/Yusuf, Arthur/Eames
    [ profile] weatherfront -- Sorry It Had to Be Like This. Cobb/Arthur

    Masterpost | A - H | I - O | P - T | U - Z + extras
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    P - T ). Arthur is a librarian, Eames is the patron with the highest fines in the library's history.
  • Palm, Ditch, Steal by imperfectcircle. Heists, experiments, dreams and lies. by imperfectcircle. Set after the movie. Heists may keep you busy, but revenge is the real long con.
  • Pants on Fire by [ profile] helenish. "Ah," Yusuf says, lifting a reproving hand, "are we calling less than 24 hours of memory loss amnesia now?"
  • Party Shuffle by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Eames is not, strictly speaking, a sentimental man.
  • PASIV/ACTIV by [ profile] jibrailis. Saito has made the PASIV more user-friendly and now it's talking to Arthur.
  • Parentheses All Clicking Shut Behind You by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is shot in Anchorage and makes one last phone call to someone he loves.
  • Pas de Deux by [ profile] canyousayhot. Eames finds out Arthur's secret and intends to mercilessly tease him about it; Arthur turns the tables on him.
  • Patience, a Steady Hand by [ profile] helenish. (AU) 821 A.D. Arthur is in the nightmare business. Eames is a thief, a liar, and versatile with a pen.
  • Pawprints in the Snow by [ profile] kiyala. (AU) in which Arthur is a wolf and Eames is a polar bear.
  • Peanut Butter & Fixed Five-Year Terms by [ profile] andrealyn. (AU) Arthur’s first impression of William Eames was that no living man should ever have that much flour smeared over his face, that no real person should have that many tattoos, and that no person in his personal history had ever made Arthur feel so suddenly off-kilter without even saying a word.
  • Perfect by [ profile] acidpop25. Perfection is what Arthur does, perfect research and perfect suits and perfect gunshots and perfect bones. A slim silhouette, dagger-deadly and gleaming.
  • Perfect Symmetry by [ profile] foxxcub. It wasn’t art, only a coping mechanism, something that steadied his mind with its simplicity.
  • Perfection in Your Flaws by [ profile] butterflythread. It's such an obvious secret, and Eames is surprised it took him so long to figure it out.
  • Permanent Press by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur/Eames domestic adventures. Or: the mystery of Eames' disappearing underpants. Or: what Arthur wants to do on his birthday. Or: how Arthur and Eames learned to live together, put up with each other's weirdness, and learn that being a BAMF doesn't mean you can't also be a dork.
  • Personal Eternity by [ profile] veritas_nescio. (AU) "Each man is given, in dreams, a little personal eternity which allows him to see the recent past and the near future."
  • Phone Tag by [ profile] starlingthefool. Due to his dyslexia, Eames has memorized tons and tons of literature. He listens to books on tape on his iPod all the time. Arthur has shitty taste in everything (except suits) and listens to, like, radio-friendly rock while Eames is chillaxing with Anna Karenina on long aeroplane journeys.
  • Pick Me Up and Turn Me Round by [ profile] wldnst. Arthur owns a bookshop. Eames buys some books.
  • Picking Out Our Eyes by Coal and Candlelight by [ profile] bronson. (AU) Cobb and Mal die on a Tuesday, to an explosion of brilliant green light.
  • Please Be Here Until the Morning by [ profile] sorrynotsorry. "What if I told you I couldn't help it?"
  • Plus One by [ profile] someidiothasice. Arthur had his head tilted back, slouching enough to put this anonymous stranger a few inches above him, and a glass of something dark hanging from his fingertips. He was speaking, saying something to this man that wasn’t ‘get your hand off of me’ because the man’s hand inched higher and Eames… Well. To put it nicely, he lost his shit.
  • Portrait of the Artist, Not of the Sitter by [ profile] reliablemachine. Eames had a relatively normal childhood, he thinks, aside from the violent tantrums his father sometimes threw after a night out, but he supposes that’s pretty normal as well, unfortunately.
  • Precocious by [ profile] crayon_scrawls. Arthur is actually 19 years old.
  • Presque Vu by [ profile] rageprufrock. Arthur meets Mal first. He inherits Dom, after. Everything else is on him.
  • Press New Game / That Men Must Needs Abide by [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) The night before Arthur starts his freshman year, he gets bored/horny and goes on chatroulette, where he meets a hot British guy. They hit it off and mutual masturbation happens. Cue Arthur's surprise and mortification when the next day in class the professor introduces said cute, British guy as the TA.
  • Pride & Arthur by [ profile] foxxcub. where the mark is a Jane Austen nut and the team makes a Pride and Prejudice dream world for her.
  • Provenance by [ profile] rageprufrockEleven years ago, Dom was new to Interpol and effusive with enthusiasm, and in the thrall of his own cleverness he'd met Mal during one of Arthur's ruthlessly thorough crash-course weekends.
  • Pulling Our Weight by [ profile] pyrimidine. They’re sucked into a book of fairytales and have to act out each story in order to get out.
  • Pulp by [ profile] lmeden / Private Affairs by [ profile] someidiothasice. (AU) Eames returns to their abandoned office.
  • Put Down All Your Weapons by [ profile] imogenediseaseThey met on a joint military venture into dreamsharing, and Arthur had already hit Sergeant somehow, had rocketed up the ladder. He was twenty-two and he was perfect, and Eames was assigned right by his side.
  • Put Your Hands on Me by [ profile] meiface. Arthur didn't expect to be the handsier one of the two of them.
  • Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel the Love) by [ profile] cherrybina. Eames has just settled down in front of the TV for the evening when he hears a soft tapping on his back door. There’s only one person it could be, but it’s the one person he’s not expecting tonight.
  • Rainbow Flash by [ profile] lmeden. They walk like a band of heroes, stepped straight off the film screen.
  • Ready, Aim, Misfire by [ profile] pyrimidine. (AU) Eames accidentally lights his living room on fire. Firefighter!Arthur arrives at his apartment and saves the day.
  • Re: Vos Cerveaux by [ profile] fermine. Hospital AU.
  • Reasons to Survive November by [ profile] fermine. Eames ends up in a coma after a job goes wrong.
  • Recessional by [ profile] acidpop25. A love story in reverse.
  • Redemption by [ profile] knowmydark. You can only be the best for so long before the rest of the world catches up with you.
  • Renovations / Verse by [ profile] joosetta. In which Eames builds a nest and (accidentally) lures Arthur into it.
  • Respira by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. Eames settles back in his chair, following with heavy-lidded eyes as Arthur crosses the cobblestones to the bar. Spring sunshine strokes his upturned face.
  • Retrograde by [ profile] alhendra. Arthur loses himself.
  • Rockstars!AU by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. Where Arthur is the troubled, beautiful singer, Eames is the hard-living bassist with loose morals, Cobb is the lead guitarist and peacemaker and Mal is the emotionally fragile drummer.
  • Running Blind by [ profile] veritas_nescio. At its root, this is really Arthur’s thing. It isn’t Eames who craves being tied up, after all.
  • Running (Is Something We’ve Always Done Well) by [ profile] crayon_scrawls. Mal is the one who introduces them to Eames, and it doesn't take long for her to convince Cobb to give him a chance, let him demonstrate what he can do.
  • Satan Take the Wheel / Fall Like Lightning Down From Heaven by [ profile] blue_fish. In part one, Eames forges Satan, and carries hints of this over topside. Arthur gets caught up in it, leading to a d/s scene that both unexpectedly enjoy, though feel guilty about afterwards. In the second part, Arthur comes back for more.
  • Scorch by [ profile] eternalsojourn. Arthur goes into heat unexpectedly during a job, and Eames breeds him for the entire heat.
  • Secretly a Reef Rat by [ profile] templemarker. (AU) They were working a simple bait-and-extract, pulling corporate espionage on one company and feeding it to a competitor, when Arthur got a phone call.
  • Seventeen by [ profile] eleveninches. For a job, Arthur has to go undercover at an all-boys' boarding school, which means he has to wear a uniform.
  • Semblance of Relative Dimension in Dreamspace by [ profile] mixtapestar. Somehow, Eames cajoles Arthur into watching a few episodes of Doctor Who with him. Little does Arthur know, that's just the beginning.
  • Sexoricism by [ profile] blue_fish. Arthur gets hit by a mack truck. Eames decides that Arthur is cursed.
  • Shades of Mediocrity by [ profile] balphas. Arthur is actually attempting to have a normal life after the events of Inception... find a normal job, have normal hobbies, you know, things that don't involve dreams, guns, explosions or death. It's... not going well. And Eames, who makes no attempt to live a normal life, gets to look in from the outside and be amused.
  • Shake It, Arthur, Shake It by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur wears purple velour tracksuits when he's not on the job. Eames is properly horrified.
  • Signed, Sealed, Delivered by [ profile] pyrimidine. Arthur runs the No Sad, Big Smile Break-Up Service, scooting around the city on his Vespa ending other people's relationships. He's totally disillusioned by his job and doesn't believe in love anymore. Then he meets Eames.
  • Simple Math / Masterlink by [ profile] foxxcub. (High school AU) fake boyfriends
  • Sing Mercy by [ profile] starlingthefool. The morning after, and everything that comes with it, is always an uphill battle. A story of broken glass, chore therapy, white flags, torture via Journey songs, and rash impulses.
  • Six Days Aboard the RMS Inception by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Eames is a con man and Arthur is secretly some kind of international jetsetting criminal.
  • Skin Deep by [ profile] starlingthefool. (AU) A story that starts with a spiral, ends with a fire, and is stained with ink and blood in the middle.
  • Small Little Melody by [ profile] bronson. Arthur and Eames have an on/off relationship but actually really love each other. During one of their off phases, Arthur has sex with Ariadne, who gets pregnant.
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit by [ profile] fermine. Eames and Arthur have always been neighbors. Arthur refuses to go to his ridiculously stupid senior prom and stays at home while all his friends pile into a limo and leave. College student Eames shows Arthur that not all prom traditions - that is, losing your virginity on prom night - are lame
  • Skybird by [ profile] windswept_fic. Arthur and Eames adopt a kid and raise that kid into Neal Caffrey.
  • Snake Song by [ profile] veritas_nescio. In their apartment on Dauphine Street, Eames wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed.
  • Some Origins of Fire by [ profile] foxxcub. He finds Eames in a boxing ring just outside of Omsk.
  • Someday, All Your Mysteries Will Fade by [ profile] sound_of_bells. When a man called Dominic Cobb approaches him after he graduates from college, talking about new technology he’s pioneering, dream technology, dreamsharing, Arthur – still wearing his cap and gown – doesn’t hesitate to tell him the truth, which is that he’s never had a dream in his life, at least not any that he’s remembered in the morning.
  • Something Brave From Your Mouth by [ profile] la_victorienne. In which Arthur asks three questions, Eames makes any number of undignified noises, and everybody loves this Kate Beaton shirt.
  • Something Here From Somewhere Else by [ profile] skyvehicle. The one time they almost break up, and in turn, realize that they're actually together, a fact which they've somehow managed to miss. Or, nothing says "I love you" like a nose job.
  • Something Like by [ profile] sho_no_tabi. They'd had a sparring sort of friendship, peppered with various tussles of the verbal, playfully violent and adult-rated types on and off for years. Grinding against a brick wall in Berlin; hands and mouths slow and warm in Dubai; a frantic, half-clothed handjob in a Paris hotel.
  • Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell by [ profile] sound_of_bells. In a small bookstore in Soho, a young man named George P. Nash was trying to buy a book.
  • Sort of Revolution by [ profile] pyrimidine. The first night Arthur stays over, the alarm goes off at 8:00am. Eames looks over at Arthur, who has half his face shoved into the pillow; he has only one eye open.
  • Specificity by [ profile] onthecount. You want specificity, Arthur?
  • Spin! by [ profile] weatherfront. Political crisis managers AU. Arthur and Eames are operatives for rival presidential campaigns in a heated Democratic primary. Can they find love and happiness in spite of all the pies, Republicans, and publicity disasters in their way? Even in the face of the dreaded ELECTORAL COLLEGE SYSTEM?
  • Stage Two Attraction by [ profile] reliablemachine. Arthur finally starts relaxing a little because he's in loooove and glowing and the team is flummoxed but Eames is all ♥ because he knows it's because of him.
  • Standalone by [ profile] skyvehicle. Las Vegas is alive, a vibrant, sweltering, 106 degree mass of sweaty bodies, millions upon millions of lights, a thousand different conversations, the air heavy, thick with humidity, and he is wearing a suit.
  • Still Heartbroken (After All These Years) by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. ‘This,’ Eames says, ‘is so you know I could have killed you if I wanted to.’
  • Stranger Things Than Known by Man by [ profile] butterflythread. If Eames had never told, Arthur never would have guessed. But now he knows what's really under Eames's skin, he can't stop thinking about it.
  • Summer Days & Summer Nights (Are Long) by [ profile] wldnst. C. E. Miller, that asshole, gave Totem a shit review.
  • Sunday Morning by [ profile] fermine. together, possibly married, with kids of their own.
  • Suppression by [ profile] ethrosdemon. The first time they meet is because of Dominique. Like so much that went spectacularly awry in that phase of his life.
  • Suspension Bridge, op. 4 by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Eames meets Arthur in a pub in London.
  • T on the Timeline by [ profile] battleofhydaspe. Arthur picks out the people he works with very carefully.
  • Take the Fall and Throw It All Away by [ profile] la_victorienne. Fruit tinning moguls, voyeuristic intention, accidentally besotted Eames, and an Arthur who is very pointedly Not An Idiot.
  • Takes an Ocean Not to Break by [ profile] cmonkatiekatie. Arthur and Eames call each other between jobs.
  • Tales From Liberty City by [ profile] butterflythread. The first time they did something illegal together.
  • Talk Up, Bend Down by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur and Eames tell each other dirty stories to pass the time.
  • Tap Out or Pass Out by [ profile] dialectical. (AU) Eames takes self defense to impress the student demonstrator, Arthur. Yusuf and Ariadne tag along to laugh at him.
  • Tear Us Apart (Again) by [ profile] canyousayhot. Wherein Arthur and Eames fall in love, the way normal people do. Rough and with no small amount of heartache.
  • Ten True Things by [ profile] fermine. spin me some sad story/ sell me some excuse/ to help me understand the things you do/ 'cause the way you treat your lovers/ well I just can't relate/ well where'd you learn to shoot your gun so straight? (22-20s - Shoot Your Gun)
  • Test to Destruction by [ profile] persephone_il. In which Eames is a contrary, cynical bastard and Arthur is new to dreamshare. To begin with, at least.
  • That Loving Feeling by [ profile] pyrimidine. Five times Arthur punched Eames in the dick. Non-accidentally. It is not sexy in any way. Neither of them have a dickpunching fetish.
  • The Bet by [ profile] mixtapestar. In every bet, there is a fool and there is a thief.
  • The Best Good-byes Are Yours by [ profile] traincar. eames knows how to say goodbye and arthur knows how to say hello and this is why they're doing it right.
  • The Better to See You With by [ profile] eternalsojourn. (AU) Arthur is Little Red Riding Hood, Eames is the Wolf. This story loosely follows the fairy tale premise and contains a few nods to some lines from the source material. Aside from that, it's about Arthur, stories, and figuring out what we should really be afraid of.
  • The Big Sleep by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur is a violent sleeper but Eames discovers just how to soothe him.
  • The Boys I Mean Are Not Refined by [ profile] fermine. Arthur and Eames have been sleeping together for a while now, but have yet to have a real kiss.
  • The Brightest Firefly in My Jar by [ profile] traincar. the lookout au: before he was arthur, he was chris pratt. he is in paris with a beautiful french woman who knows his name and loves him and all he thinks of is the way eames looked at him.
  • The C Word by [ profile] kellifer_fic. He's starting to fear for his safety
  • The Case of the Interloper by [ profile] imogenedisease"What if I told you I knew the world's only consulting detective?" Eames asks.
  • The Cat & The Fiddle by [ profile] butterflythread. It starts, as these things so often do, with one of Yusuf’s experiments.
  • The Coca Extraction by [ profile] wldnst. Ariadne calls Arthur about a job in Cochabamba. Eames is there, too.
  • The Democracy of Sleep by [ profile] smallacts. In which Arthur loves Dom and Mal, despite knowing he will never be a half of their whole. Also in which Eames exhibits admirable patience while waiting for Arthur to realize he has options other than spending his whole life loving two people who can never love him back.
  • The Disappearance of John Doe by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. 'If I woke up in a pool of someone else’s blood on the floor of a convenience store, I’d be screaming so hard you'd have to sedate me.'
  • The End of the Celibate Life by [ profile] fermine. Arthur has a son and after dating Eames for almost a year, he decides to tell the forger about his son.
  • The Eighth Day by [ profile] veritas_nescio. Eames and his God, as Arthur sees it ... or tries to.
  • The Fabulist by [ profile] tequilideas. Sometimes Eames tells himself lies like he’s setting himself a dare, like how he tells himself he’s in love with Arthur, how he’s desperate to have Arthur love him back. That’s a good one.
  • The First Five Times by [ profile] fermine. They end up having to platonically share a bed for ages.
  • The Game of Kings by [ profile] bronson. (AU) Arthur scooped up several tennis balls into his arms, dumping them into the canvas bin beside him, a few feet away from the serving line. Three days until the US Open, his mind chanted. Three days, three days, three days.
  • The Gates of Horn and Ivory by [ profile] jibrailis. This time, it's Arthur waiting for a train.
  • The Greatest Catboy Arthur Masterlist Anyone Has Ever Seen by a lot of people. It all starts because [ profile] bookshop has a prompt.
  • The Greedyhearts by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames is a high-end thief. Arthur is a private investigator hired to catch him. Ridiculous events ensue; something like love happens somewhere along the way. p.s. oh my god .
  • The House That Cobb Built by [ profile] eleveninches. Or: the first and last time Eames was invited to Cobb's.
  • The Inescapable Charm of the Countdown by [ profile] amazingly_me. The worst thing about Eames, Arthur decides as he pulls his Thai leftovers from the office fridge the next day, is how infuriatingly competent he is. Arthur absolutely cannot fucking stand it.
  • The Incepted Bride: C. Nolanstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Inception meets Princess Bride. No one escapes unscathed.
  • The Inescapable Truth by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Gotham never changes.
  • The Kids Are All Right by [ profile] fermine. The other kids make fun of Arthur when he wears his new red bowtie to school. Eames tell them STFU and makes them eat dirt.
  • The Kind You Could Sing by [ profile] foxxcub. Eames turns to him during a simple blueprint discussion and says casually, “You settled late, didn’t you?”
  • The Man of My Dreams by [ profile] andrealyn. When Eames first meets Arthur, he's the man of Cobb's dreams. That doesn't last very long.
  • The Necessity of Invention by [ profile] andrealyn. They forget the point man that helped revolutionize the dream-world and only remember Eames and his versatility. In which Arthur & Eames change the way dream-sharing works twiceover.
  • The New Stuff by [ profile] foxxcub. Arthur is a paramedic stationed at a Chicago firestation. Eames is the reckless firefighter he tries to resist.
  • The Only Thing by [ profile] knowmydark. A story about love, silence, and the surface of the sea.
  • The Question Is Not Whether I Treat You Rudely... by [ profile] hackthis. "You rang; I came."
  • The Red Lantern by [ profile] veritas_nescio. It's almost impossible to find your way home if an architect hasn't designed the layers, but having someone looking for you helps immensely.
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized by [ profile] the_ragnarok_d. Arthur is the son of the ruler, and an Omega male. Eames is leading the revolution. Which kidnaps Arthur. This is only the start of their problems.
  • The Road Less Travelled by [ profile] butterflythread. You don't live long in the Capital Wasteland by making stupid mistakes. It only takes Eames a few days on the rough road to Megaton to remind Arthur that you don't get far not taking chances, either. (Fallout 3/post-apocalyptic AU)
  • The Sake Games by [ profile] bookshop & [ profile] nqdonne. Sake, Arthur decided, was evil. And, by extension, was Saito, for bringing the sake.
  • The Short Fuse and the Long Con by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur sleeps with men but won't give Eames the time of day, no matter how much Eames suggests he should.
  • The Sweetest Thing by [ profile] foxxcub. Arthur thinks it should somehow freak him out, repulse him to think about Eames getting off to the thought of knocking him up. And doesn’t.
  • The Thing Around Your Neck by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Dying gets easier the more often you do it, at least that's what Arthur is told.
  • The Things You Learn When You Co-Habitate by [ profile] butterflythread. If Eames didn’t know any better, he’d assume the noises coming from the bedroom mean Arthur has decided to have a quick morning wank without him. He does know better, but the obvious noises of effort warrant investigation anyway.
  • The Tunnel of Love by [ profile] cherrybina. Arthur and Eames go on what is definitely not a date, and end up trapped in a love tunnel ride with little pink disco lights flashing all over the place.
  • The Vital Importance of Fangirls to One’s Love Life by [ profile] sirona_gs. Ultimate Survival AU (Man Vs Wild in the States). Follows the trials and tribulations of Eames trying to commit suicide by nature and Arthur tearing his hair out in the process. A judicious application of fangirl squee finally gets them to admit they might feel more for each other than a simple camera man/presenter relationship.
  • The Waking Years by [ profile] weatherfront. After the Fischer inception, Eames goes back to work as an extractor, and Arthur joins his team. Due to circumstances involving a guy who may or may not be from Greenland, pop astrology, someone's broken limb, hormones, and convenience, they end up learning that love is what starts down below (and makes its way up your spine).
  • The Warp and the Weft That Hold Life Together by [ profile] anamuan. (AU) After Mal dies Arthur moves in to help Cobb take care of the kids, Philipa starts at a new school with a new teacher Mr.Eames.
  • The Works of Henri Marrionneaux né Eames by [ profile] andrealyn. Henri Marrionneaux is one of Arthur's favourite artists and Eames doesn't have a pinky's worth of beauty and talent compared to him, so sayeth the great river of Denial.
  • The World, Double by [ profile] jibrailis. Saito has a new job for them. "You really are the dog that follows me home and pees on my shoes," Arthur says. Eames laughs and takes it as a compliment. "Ah, but I don't have to be a dog. I can be anything you want."
  • The Wrath of the Whatever from High Atop the Thing by [ profile] amazingly_me. (AU) “Pictures of Dom tonight, Eames,” Yusuf replies from the doorway, “or I swear to you, I will point out to Arthur that he has a stalker with no shame and a thousand dollar camera.”
  • There’s No Place Like Home by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. (AU) Cobb makes team captain his junior year. He’s never wanted anything more in his life than to play baseball, and now he gets to run a whole baseball team. 17 players, his plays, and he gets to lead them.
  • These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins by [ profile] aprettyaway. This is what his life has become: hotels and coffee and reveling in those few hours he has to himself. The French news lulls him to sleep, and Arthur thinks if he can just get through this job, then it will be over. If only.
  • They’ll Find Our Bones Together by [ profile] sound_of_bells. (AU) Arthur and Eames, at the end of the world.
  • Thieves by Tuesday by [ profile] fermine. 5 of Arthur’s domestic habits that didn’t surprise Eames.
  • Thing Goes Here by [ profile] weatherfront. During eight hours in the warehouse on an ill-advised bet, Arthur discovers that Eames is a man with no scruples.
  • Things Are Gonna Slide by [ profile] five_ht. Eames forges Satan for a job, and can't quite shake it when he wakes up. Arthur learns some things. A story of sex and weird mixed-up feelings (mostly sex).
  • Things Were Kind of Heavy / We’re Glowing From Within by [ profile] delires. (Highschool AU) They meet in anger management class and when they don't hate each other, they bond over how fucking stupid people are.
  • Third Star on the Right by [ profile] kellifer_fic. (AU) Space Pirates.
  • Thirty Ways to Woo Arthur by [ profile] andrealyn. Arthur begins to notice a variety of small changes in Eames, which slowly start to amalgamate to have an effect on the way he looks at Eames and the way he lives his life.
  • This Bed Is on Fire With Passionate Love by [ profile] fermine. Arthur is the one obsessed.
  • This Could Be Our Reward by [ profile] five_ht. Arthur and Eames play 'Two Truths and a Lie' on a rooftop in Chicago. Somehow, it ends in bed, with Eames coaxing Arthur into two consecutive orgasms. Good times.
  • This Fumble Has Become Biblical by [ profile] imogenediseaseIt starts with a fake ID.
  • This Is All There Is, Roll the Dice by [ profile] wanderlight. A story about desire, fear, and Arthur's smile.
  • This Is It Boys, This Is War by [ profile] skyvehicle. They have a long drive ahead of them.
  • This Modern Love by [ profile] pyrimidine. (AU) Arthur is a robot.
  • This New Sort of Mating Ritual by [ profile] knowmydark. Guys&Dolls!AU. Eames is the consummate gambler in New York who makes a bet that he can seduce anyone. Arthur is the uptight Mission-worker who, unfortunately, turns out to be that 'anyone'.
  • This Night Is Winding Down But Time Means Nothing by [ profile] fermine. Band AU.
  • This Sentimentality Doesn’t Look Good on Me by [ profile] eternalsojourn. Eames’s perfectly wonderful No Strings Attached arrangement with Arthur doesn’t quite go according to plan.
  • This Time Tomorrow (Where Will We Be) by [ profile] smallacts. In which Arthur and Dom go on a journey of healing and discovery, and Eames is waiting for a train.
  • This Unconscious Love by [ profile] andrealyn. (AU) They're meant to recruit a hypnotist to their ranks who can make anyone in the world love him. Arthur has the feeling they're in over their heads.
  • Those Who Wait by [ profile] kiyala. “Lunch, Arthur. That’s all I’m asking.”
  • Throw My Ticket out the Window by [ profile] aerographie. Arthur has always tried to keep business and pleasure separate, but nothing's ever simple when it comes to Eames.
  • Till Death Do Us Part by [ profile] aimlesstravels. (AU) in which Eames is a ghost and Arthur is the stranger who's the only one who ever brings Eames flowers. Romance (of an odd sort) ensues.
  • Tilt by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Eames is a movie star down on his luck. Arthur is the writer sent to interview him.
  • Time Is the Mind (the Hand That Makes) by [ profile] traincar. in which arthur has cancer and a cat, and eames does not go to venice.
  • To Achieve the Impossible Dream by Renay. He's not sleeping any time soon.
  • To Begin by [ profile] knowmydark. It only takes one mistake to end things.
  • To Capture, Conquer and Court by [ profile] toomuchplor. Lord Charles Eames plans to get revenge against Sir Dominic Cobb by stealing Cobb's intended bride, Lady Ariadne. Standing in his way is Mr. Arthur Sheldon, the girl's tutor and a reputed paragon of virtue.
  • To Emerald City by [ profile] knowmydark. Twenty years on, Eames wants a second chance. Arthur believes it's already too late.
  • To the Best of His Knowledge by [ profile] climb. It's a long, long haul.
  • Totem by [ profile] lmeden. ”Are we dreaming?”
  • Towards Zero by mirabella. Five levels down, and five to dig yourself back out. Arthur met Eames' projection long before he met Eames.
  • Trickster by [ profile] wldnst. Eames is the trickster god of the Ho-Chunk Nation. Arthur is skeptical at best.
  • Trouble With Dreams by [ profile] sparkledark. College AU in which Arthur is a cranky senior and Eames is a professor of Dream Psychology. 
  • Trust by [ profile] blue_fish. When they man who hired them decides to spy on Arthur and Eames to see if they're betraying him, he witnesses a relationship he can't understand.
  • Trust Is Knowing Where Your Mail Goes by [ profile] butterflythread. You can say 'I love you' in more than three words, and you don't even need to use the letter L.
  • Twenty-Nine Candles / Anniversary by Renay. This is not the greatest birthday he's ever had.
  • Twelve Inches by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames has a twelve-inch dick; Arthur: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."
  • Two Halves by [ profile] kiyala. You wake up.
  • Two Rounds, Wear Me Out by [ profile] five_ht. Slutty, submissive Arthur; multiple orgasms; fun had by all.

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    I - O ). Ballet!AU
  • I Can’t Extinguish This Fire, Though I’ve Tried by [ profile] aprettyaway. In which Arthur is domestic, there is a series of unfortunate events, and firefighter Eames is called upon to save the day.
  • I Don’t Need Another Map of Your Head by [ profile] lastling. when they analyse the solution a few days later, Yusuf swears and his mind pops up with the thought Oh, shit, how did that get in there? and Arthur wonders why he ever allowed himself to be a test dummy for the newer, stronger stuff Yusuf wanted to make for his dream basement.
  • I Feel That the Therapy Is Coming Between Us by [ profile] sorrynotsorry. You appear to have a lot of unresolved aggression.
  • I Howl When We’re Apart by [ profile] kiyala. In his dreams, Eames is a werewolf. And he has Arthur.
  • I Need You (Like I Need a Hole in the Head) by [ profile] butterflythread. Killing each other was meant to be a game. Somewhere along the line, things got serious.
  • I See You Left Your Blinker On by [ profile] reliablemachine. Jobs generally go well for Arthur, and he's not bragging or anything but he likes to attribute that level of success and reliability to his staunch attitude towards professionalism and preparedness — he works hard,really hard, he always has, and it has always paid off in the end, and that always makes it worth it for him.
  • I Tremble by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. where Arthur is buried alive and Eames is looking for him.
  • I Want to Be Where Your Heart Is Home by [ profile] smallacts. Nothing says I love you like breaking into your house and squatting there while you’re away.
  • I Want You to Notice by [ profile] kellifer_fic. Arthur has a reputation. Eames has a crush.
  • I’ll See You When the Sun Sets East (Don’t Forget Me) by [ profile] gyzym. He knows he is alone, and that he is not supposed to be alone, and that someone else is here. He knows he had a name, once. He knows he is looking for something.
  • I’m Hanging Out on Monday (My Sunday Dreams to Dry) by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Eames and Arthur in the the rain and on the run. Set on the eve of Mal and Dom's wedding.
  • I’m Sure They Took Full Advantage of the Housing Boom by [ profile] bookshop. In Albuquerque they break the bed.
  • I’m With Stupid by [ profile] delires. This is probably the most ridiculous situation that Arthur has ever gotten into and so, unsurprisingly, Eames has a large part to play in getting him here...
  • I’ve Got Nothing to Do Today But Smile (The Only Boy Living in New York) by [ profile] gyzym. (AU) Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.
  • If You’re Just Playing Along, I Promise We’ll Be Fine by [ profile] foxxcub. The first mistake, he thinks, is to let Eames pick the bar.
  • In Certain Light by [ profile] airgiodslv. This is the secret, he thinks. This is what Arthur keeps hidden.
  • In Everything But Blood by [ profile] someidiothasice. He isn't a coward, per say. He just isn't sure he would like the answer.
  • In the Line of Duty by [ profile] weatherfront. After he accidentally releases a magical set of porn DVDs, Arthur must become the Porncaptor that seals them back in order to save the world from some obscure disaster that won't even be mentioned yet. Eames, the guardian of the DVDs, is there to aid him in this quest. With his penis.
  • In My Own Skin by [ profile] andrealyn. eames has been having a little technical difficulty with his switching.
  • In Our Bedroom After the War by [ profile] papered. A role reversal where Arthur is the one pining after Eames.
  • In Our Line of Work by [ profile] linckia_blue. Arthur wakes up and realizes the last ten years of his life have been a dream. He is nineteen, and he can barely remember where he is. What he can remember is the ghost of Eames’ hands pressed down on his chest trying frantically to stop the blood flooding up around his fingers as Arthur died (as he woke up).
  • In the Space Between Them / Find Me Before It Rains / Nothing to Be Afraid Of by [ profile] linckia_blue. Ariadne watches Arthur and Eames. There is something there in the way they watch each other, in the way the lines of Arthur's back tense beneath his pinstriped suit when Eames flicks him, but she doesn’t know what she’s looking for.
  • In You I Crash Cars by [ profile] five_ht. Arthur has a dirty talk/name-calling kink. Eames explores.
  • Incipit by [ profile] thehoyden. (AU) Arthur has been his editor from the beginning. Eames says he won't work with anyone else, and what Arthur will never tell him is that he would cut anyone who tried.
  • Information by [ profile] onthecount.
  • Infornography by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur tails Robert Fischer, because it's his job.
  • Innocent When You Dream by [ profile] wldnst. A fairytale in limbo.
  • Iron Man by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames shows up at the next job with twenty extra pounds of muscle.
  • It’s Automatic by [ profile] weatherfront. Beautiful, dirty, rich, ambitious, lost, found, running, chasing, young, immortal, out of time, out of breath, one summer, in Taipei, in love, so in love.
  • It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by [ profile] fermine. domestic fic where they're living together, have just finished brushing their teeth, and go to bed and spoon.
  • It’s Science / Bedtime Stories by [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) Arthur sits on his bed without a hint of awkwardness, backpack set beside him, unzipped and his textbooks sticking out the top and a pair of gym shorts visible stuffed down beside them.
  • It’s Time, Meet Me by [ profile] onthecount. Eames finds the tape while he’s cleaning his flat in Salisbury, and he knows, immediately, what he’ll see. He puts it in his VCR anyway, and holds on to the ledge of the bookshelf.
  • Jamais Vu by [ profile] thehoyden. "I'm not sure what this is supposed to prove," Arthur temporizes.
  • Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler by [ profile] syllic. Arthur figures that if Eames just finally gets what he wants--Arthur's undivided attention--he'll get bored and go away. He's proven spectacularly wrong.
  • Jesus Was a Crossmaker by [ profile] fermine. (AU) Arthur hitchhikes.
  • JOB REQUIREMENTS by [ profile] mixtapestar. Arthur thinks Eames' flat is a mess. Eames has a solution for that.
  • Kangaroos Are Arseholes by [ profile] butterflythread. Kangaroos are still arseholes.
  • Kiss the Sun at Night by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur wants convenience. Eames wants something more. (That is, when he's not trying to get Arthur to sleep with him.)
  • Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy by [ profile] airgiodslv. Eames looks at the photo on the table and wonders what the hell Arthur’s gotten himself into.
  • Knucklebones by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur loses his totem.
  • Kobayashi Maru by [ profile] hackthis. "Eames is in Mombasa." Arthur knows that those four words are nothing more to Cobb than a location. A factual reply.
  • Lay Your Head Down by [ profile] fermine. Eames gets himself badly beaten up by someone, Arthur's flat/hotel room is the closest refuge.
  • Lay Your Siege by [ profile] gyzym. (AU) Haven't you been paying attention? This is a war story.
  • Laying Claim by [ profile] laceymcbain. “Arthur, you've rung me at 2:30 in the bloody morning from Soho where you appear to be on a street corner and shirtless, possibly drugged. I've no doubt you're capable of handling yourself under normal circumstances, but drunken blokes aren't always the most understanding sort, especially when you're not actually selling what you look like you're selling.”
  • Leading With My Heart by [ profile] acidpop25. Arthur may be asexual, but he and Eames are in love all the same.
  • Leave the Children Behind by [ profile] weatherfront. In deserts, wheat fields, and rose gardens, Eames finds Arthur and shakes off the remnants of war. AU, very vaguely based on The Little Prince.
  • Left and Leaving by [ profile] pyrimidine. Time Traveler’s Wife AU.
  • Legerdemain by [ profile] delires & [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur consults his watch. Ah, the MTA, he thinks, as fickle and unpredictable as always.
  • Les Jeux Son Faits by [ profile] tequilideas. There are only a handful of stupid things Arthur has done in his life and one of those things is Eames.
  • Lest You Tread by [ profile] butterflythread. (Equilibrium AU) Arthur is a Grammaton cleric. Eames is a sense offender.
  • Let It Run by [ profile] maybe77. College/Rowing AU.
  • Let Me Be Your Man by [ profile] reliablemachine. Eames holding Arthur's hand while the team is having a meeting.
  • Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry by [ profile] toomuchplor. Arthur breaks all the rules of American high school films, as though he’s never even heard of John Hughes, and Eames can’t decide if, given the choice, he wouldn’t rather just become Arthur instead of having the chance to be with him.
  • Life Among Islands by [ profile] wldnst. (AU). Ariadne needs a vacation. So does Arthur, but he doesn't know it yet.
  • Life in Virtual Reality by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. ‘Reality’s creeping into your dreams, Eames. Your security’s going to be ruined if you can’t get rid of me.' Eames finds himself haunted by projections of Arthur.
  • Lifeline by [ profile] climb. ❝The life of every man is a diary / in which he means to write / one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is / when he compares the volume as it is with / what he vowed to make it.❞
  • Lilies in the Field by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. Eames needs saving, badly. Arthur saves him.
  • Like a Bullet in the Back by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is accidentally shrunken to pocket-size. Arthur is forced to take care of him.
  • Like That, Just Like That by [ profile] cherrybina. Arthur bent over the side of the bed, fingering himself, while Eames sits in a chair across the room and masturbates. They wait until they absolutely cannot resist anymore before they let themselves touch each other.
  • Limbo of Vanity by [ profile] veritas_nescio. Coda set two months after the movie. Three weeks to make a man believe in God, three levels down to reach purgatory; this is what it takes for an enigma to unravel a paradox.
  • Lions and Tigers by [ profile] starlingthefool. A story about growing up, sort of.
  • Little Beast by [ profile] knowmydark. Us against the world.
  • Little Beasts (we can’t punch ourselves awake by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time. - Siken
  • Little Cat Feet by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur turns into a cat. Eames kind of freaks out about it.
  • Little House of Savages by [ profile] fermine. dealing with falling for each other, not really knowing what to do, screwing things up in the process of trying to have a relationship.
  • Living, Loving and Blowing Shit Up by [ profile] kiyala. (AU) Eames shares a flat with Yusuf, who uses micropipettes to add milk to his tea. Eames falls in love with the American exchange student and drags him into this happy mess, with experiments in the kitchen and cats all over the place.
  • Loaded Die and Fake Poker Chip by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Eames has the self-possession of the profoundly wealthy aristocrat, the sort of individual normally consigned in this era to the pages of historical fiction.
  • Lois Lane Had It Easy by calliglad. He looks to Arthur, who’s already looking at him, who looks like he’s been looking at him for a long time. He looks tired. Like maybe he’s been looking too long.
  • Losing Faith by [ profile] acidpop25. Arthur is going to have Eames' child. And then he wakes up.
  • Love, Anterior to Life by [ profile] night_reveals. Running long and narrow through the Malá Strana, Prague, is a street named Vlašská.
  • Love in the Time of Marmite by [ profile] sirona_gs & [ profile] weatherfront. (AU) Arthur-is-a-magical-chef fic. Basically. And then there's Eames. And Marmite. But this is mainly a story about Love, always about Love.
  • Love Is a Doing Word by [ profile] traincar. mallorie cobb plays a pivotal role in her own demise. she is lovely and deceitful and too curious for her own good, particularly after arthur and eames spend a lifetime in limbo. maybe all she wants is what they have, even if they don't want it for themselves.
  • Love on a Wire by [ profile] smallacts. Whatever life Dom had in America, he’s left it behind as thoroughly as Arthur, and neither of them ever push the other for their life stories. Arthur likes to think that it’s because he and Dom agree about why everything that came before doesn’t really matter. That they both know their lives began when they met Eames and Mal.
  • Love You Much Better / The Proper Care & Feeding of Young Mr. Eames by [ profile] andrealyn. Thanks to Yusuf, Arthur's new job has become 'make sure Eames doesn't cause a riot'.
  • Love Your Little Motions by [ profile] five_ht. Eames educates a 16-year-old Arthur on why having things in his ass can be fun.
  • Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Eames finds a pair of shoes that remind him so strongly of Arthur he has to buy them. It's a pair of knock-off Louboutins, and it turns out they're just the right size.
  • Made With Love by [ profile] onthecount. Eames has a magical, unexplainable power.
  • Make a Home From a Rented House by [ profile] smallacts. Arthur doesn’t quite know when renting a house in Westchester and pretending to be in a civil union with Eames came to constitute "lying-low" but however it happened, he wants a do-over.
  • Maya by [ profile] ethrosdemon. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Except that's complete and total rubbish.
  • Maybe Arthur by [ profile] smallacts. In which Eames embarks on a campaign of seduction and Arthur mostly just wants someone to hang out with other than Cobb.
  • Maybe I’m Already Crazy by [ profile] foxxcub. (AU) Eames broods and hates everything and everyone. Except his English class. Except for his gorgeous, brilliant English teacher.
  • Maybe You and I Will Find Love by [ profile] traincar. eames finds out, quite easily, that everything has changed.
  • Men Prefer Schoolgirls. by [ profile] andrealyn. eames learned all his useful skills about being a woman back when he was young and could still pass for a drag queen in the bars of london. and that's where arthur first meets sammy.
  • Merry Christmas, Darling by [ profile] mixtapestar. Arthur receives a vague email from Eames. Did you just email me a virus?
  • MIA by [ profile] delires. Eames disappearing without a trace and Arthur being lost because of it.
  • Moment of Inertia by [ profile] knowmydark. For no apparent reason, Arthur begins to hunt down his former teammates from the Fischer job - all except for Eames.
  • More Maps Than Books by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) It’s only the first day of tour, and the van already smells like swamp fungus.
  • Motorbike Porn by [ profile] butterflythread. There are three things Arthur wants right after a tense getaway: a smoke, a shower, and a stiff drink. A fuck comes in a poor fourth on that list, so it surprises Arthur when Eames slides a gloved hand over his before he can kill the bike’s engine. (+ comment!fic)
  • Mr. Eames & by [ profile] wldnst. Eames obsessively tracks a young adult series that may or may not be based on his life.
  • Mr. Eames, in the Library, With a Stake by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. JAZZ-AGE VAMPIRE HUNTERS
  • Mr. Eames and Mr. Eames by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Eames orders a mail order bride and gets Arthur.
  • Mushrooms From Toadstools by [ profile] amazingly_me. “It is possible I never actually understood what hatred was until I met you, Eames,” Arthur says, trying his best to mean it and getting almost halfway there.
  • Mutually-Assured Seduction by [ profile] laceymcbain. Ariadne and Yusuf make a bet, Arthur and Eames have an agreement, and Cobb is pleasantly oblivious to what's going on.
  • My Big Fat Slightly Annoying Wedding by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur and Eames elope for ~tax reasons. Certain people in their lives are not happy at the lack of a wedding.
  • My Kind’s Your Kind by [ profile] smallacts. (AU) “This isn’t something we do, Eames. It’s something we are.” (see also the Arthur/Dom prequel: The Suffering Years)
  • My Paranoid Valentine by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames can't help it. He's never seen Arthur die before.
  • My Religion Is You by [ profile] maybe77. (AU) Eames convinces priest!Arthur to break his vows.
  • Naked Lunch by [ profile] jibrailis. Eames makes a wish for Arthur to be naked always. To Arthur's displeasure, it actually comes true.
  • Never So Safe As I Am With You by [ profile] linckia_blue. Arthur has better subconscious security than anyone in the world. It’s notoriously impossible to steal a secret from him. Unless, of course, you’re Eames.
  • Never Wanted the Nice Boys Anyway by [ profile] foxxcub. (AU) “Eames, I don’t know what dictionary you’re working out of, but my definition of ‘favor’ does not entail asking someone you despise to play escort to your family’s Christmas party.”
  • Nice Shoes, Wanna-- by [ profile] pyrimidine. One night after a job the gang goes out for drinks and some twerpy college kids start to make fun of Eames' outfit. Eames laughs it off and ignores it, but Arthur can see he's a little embarrassed. Which makes Arthur RAAAGE, because only Arthur can make fun of Eames' terrible clothes!
  • Night Work by [ profile] sorrynotsorry. (AU) Arthur is a porn blogger, Eames is a smooth operator, and Yusuf is bordering on psychic.
  • No Discipline of Forgetting by [ profile] wanderlight. Arthur forgets; Eames waits.
  • No Map to the Road of You by [ profile] dialectical. Eames realizes that he's in love. During sex.
  • No One Keeps a Secret by [ profile] acidpop25. Blair's wayward older brother returns to the Upper East Side.
  • No One’s Going to Take Me Alive by [ profile] delires. Before he ever worked with Cobb, Arthur always used to work with Eames.
  • Nobody Knew Me at Home Anymore by [ profile] linckia_blue. The thing about best friends in a small town is that you don’t get to choose. Instead, you get exactly the person you need. It goes that way with Arthur and Eames. Maybe it’s because both of them aren’t made for small town life, not at all, and so instead of growing to fit the town, they grow to fit together.
  • Nobody’s Little Weasel by [ profile] wldnst. His final year of university, Eames finds a notebook in the dining hall.
  • Not As Long As Anger Grows by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) They get back to the castle dirty and tired, but Eames won’t let Arthur do anything but draw him a bath.
  • Nothing Can Hold Me When I Hold You by [ profile] someidiothasice. "A letterman's jacket? Who the hell do you think you are, Danny Zuko?"
  • Nothing Happens by [ profile] onthecount. Arthur is not the first one to text. It's five AM on the island and Eames is already drinking. Still drinking.
  • Nothing More Dangerous Than a Boy With Charm by [ profile] agenttrojie. When Arthur tells Cobb to hire Eames (which he will), he’s also going to tell him to keep a fucking tight leash on him, because talent or not (and it is phenomenal talent, the best Arthur’s seen), Eames is quite capable of making himself a liability.
  • Nothing’s Gonna Change My World / Alternate Universes Cannot Stop True Love; All They Can Do Is Delay It for a While by [ profile] smallacts. No matter how many times Eames points out the strangeness of this place, no matter how hard and long he focuses on all the details that are wrong, nothing is shaking, nothing is coming loose. If he was really dreaming, he’d know it by now. This is something else, something he can’t just wake up from.
  • November Like a Train Wreck by [ profile] fermine. it may have just been a moment to you, but it changed every single one that followed for me.
  • Number One With a Bullet by cherryvanilla. A Prohibition era AU with Fighter!Eames and Gangster!Arthur
  • Occupational Hazard by [ profile] bronson. The Inception job had sapped the energy from the entire team. Yusuf went back to Mombgasa, Cobb never dreamed again now that he had his family back, and Saito returned to his high-rise buildings and his buff Swiss bank account and they never heard from him ever again.
  • Of Coffee and Crosswords by [ profile] traincar. one of them is other's emergency contact. they don't know, until they do.
  • Of Such Deceitfulness and Suavity by [ profile] delires. They have just been torn apart by Cobb’s projections.
  • Of Thorns and Roses by [ profile] reliablemachine. The team play out Sleeping Beauty on a job where their mark is into fairy tales, but Eames ends up incepting himself to only wake up after being kissed by his true love (Arthur, obviously).
  • Office Holiday Party by [ profile] sekkritbandlj. (AU) Eames doesn't do stuffy Christmas parties.
  • Oh, What a Bargain / Such Was Our Calling by [ profile] addandsubtract. Eames isn’t running, exactly, but he’s not dawdling, either. He’s got his hands in the pocket of his ratty wool coat, the navy blue one he had with him when he left home, and he’s got the mark’s wallet pressed between his pointer and middle fingers. He’s learning. He’s still got the black eye from the last lesson, but he’s learning.
  • Omerta by [ profile] delires. Arthur has been sent to make sure Eames takes care of things.
  • On the Curve by [ profile] butterflythread. Arthur is a sixteen year-old academic prodigy. Eames is a professor.
  • One Could Be Forgiven by [ profile] calliglad. Eames secretly hates working jobs with Ariadne, because they always end up working out of Paris, so that she can still attend classes, and Eames hates Paris. Hates it with a passion so bigoted and without foundation that he suspects he inherited it.
  • One Like My Ivory Virgin by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is a sculptor who falls in love with a sculpture of his that comes to life.
  • One Simple Idea by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur and Eames get handcuffed together. Chaos, grumpy!Arthur, and blowjobs ensue. In that order.
  • One Time for Your Mind by [ profile] bookshop. As if everything else about this job isn't fucked up enough, the mark has an earworm.
  • One-Track Mind (We Got a Skin-on-Skin Thing, Baby) by [ profile] agenttrojie. Arthur decides he needs to teach Eames the point of sticking to the plan. With the flat of his hand.
  • One Week by [ profile] duckgirlie & [ profile] weatherfront. Eames needs to be more careful about where he leaves his notes.
  • Only Feel Where Our Bodies Meet by [ profile] cherrybina. jailbait!Arthur being fucked for the first time by Eames, who's happy like a pig in mud that he's going to pop Arthur's cherry.
  • Only Way Left From Here by [ profile] knowmydark. The problem with being the best forger in the business is that losing yourself becomes second nature to you.
  • Or The Blood That Rose Into the Silence by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) “Bloody hell,” Eames says. “Arthur, tell me you’re lying to me.” They’re in the W.C., the wheel turned all the way closed, halfway to the pilot’s quarters, and Arthur’s bleeding.
  • Origin Stories by [ profile] laceymcbain. The story of how Eames and Arthur meet is one of the great legends of the dream-sharing profession. In it, there's a dark alley, a foreign country, a bar, a punch in the face, a loaded die, a poker chip, a three-piece suit, and a kiss. Not necessarily in that order. And not necessarily all the time.
  • Our Little Sexton Sings / OLSS AU by [ profile] night_reveals. (AU) The stables are all Arthur has known for many years, and though he wasn't born a servant he expects to die one -- at least until the lord of the manor's favored son, Eames, takes a liking to pushing Arthur to his knees.

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    A - G ). "The drugs that Yusuf used on Arthur made him high n' horny. Eames batting off Arthur's moves on him."
  • ...Slowdance on the Inside / Glycerine by cherryvanilla. "You move slow like daytime drama."
  • 100 Things Eames Is No Longer Allowed to Do by [ profile] unvarnishedtale & [ profile] immoral_crow. 100 things Eames is no longer allowed to do. (Would link everything but sldkfjlkj CAN’T EVEN FIND IT ALL YET. /o\ also, may be helpful to watch 100thingsverse(1, 3, 5, 6, 11, 12, 15, 16, 24, 29, 32 & 33, 35, 38, 40, 42, 43, 47, 48, 50, 52, 57, 58, 59. 65, 70, 71, 73, 79, 80, 86, 87, 88
  • A Brighter Thing by [ profile] lmeden. Eames walks away from the arrivals gate, incomprehensible chatter swirling around him, and the heavy weight of the PASIV in his hand, never dreaming that this machine is real – that it will bring him anything more than a tidy profit.
  • A Contraption, Armed to the Teeth by [ profile] guns_and_butter. “Just once,” Eames says, “I wish you’d let me come round when I’m not in mortal peril.”
  • A Fool From Any Direction by [ profile] syllic. (AU) Eames is a knight, and Arthur is a stable boy. Eames brings him little tokens from his quests and Arthur reverently removes his armor and lets Eames press him down sweetly into the hay. 
  • A Hard Day’s Night by [ profile] fermine. It’s early in the morning wherever the team has gathered, and Arthur’s sleepy.
  • A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall by [ profile] aimlesstravels. (AU) In the aftermath of World War III and the Second Civil War of the United States, the members of the dream sharing industry have been turned into fugitives, driven underground and into hiding in order to escape assassination by Fischer Industries USA - except for one, the former leading point man in the business, who has turned traitor against the fugitives Dom Cobb, Public Enemy Number one; and the infamous Eames, leader of the Resistance.
  • A House of Cards by [ profile] veritas_nescio. short Inception-coda.
  • A House of Leaves by [ profile] fermine. Arthur and Eames raising Cobb's kids for some reason.
  • A Kiss Is Just a Kiss (Until It’s Not) / London Calling by [ profile] ester_inc. As if the terms of endearment weren't driving Arthur crazy already, now Eames has started kissing him - just on the cheek, but he does it all the time.
  • A Line You Don’t Want From Me Like a Hole in Your Head by [ profile] la_victorienne. In which Eames proposes, twice, and Arthur says no, twice.
  • A Little Foolishness and a Lot of Curiosity by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames has got Arthur all wrong, but he's too busy trying to hit that to notice.
  • A Lot of Little Lies for the Sake of One Big Truth by [ profile] fermine. Eames lights two cigarettes at once; one for him, one for Arthur.
  • A Love Story in E Minor by [ profile] sirona_gs. It's a heady delight, having a gorgeous child prodigy working in your music shop, but it's even better when you know he trusts you enough to share his past.
  • A Man Dreams About a Woman and Then He Met Her by [ profile] acidpop25. There's a lot no one knows about Arthur.
  • A Piece of the Plate (Got Stuck in My Heart) by [ profile] jibrailis. Iron Chef AU. In which there are cooking competitions, ruminations on the length of Eames' penis, professional jealousy, and second chances.
  • A Puppy with a Closet Full of Dunhill by [ profile] amazingly_me. (AU) It turned out that Glee Club wasn’t so much a club as it was three people who were surgically attached to their iPods and wanted Barbra Streisand’s diva notes to make sweet, sweet love to their ears. Which was fine, because that was pretty much exactly who Ariadne was, too.
  • A Reason for Hope in Us by [ profile] la_victorienne. (AU) He shouldn’t be here--of course he shouldn’t be here, Arthur won’t want to see him, but it’s been the roughest of nights, and this is the only place--literally the only place he could think to go.
  • A Secret Love by [ profile] sirona_gs. (AU) A reworking of Ms Laurens' A Secret Love. Lord Arthur Morwellan is desperate -- otherwise he would never have approached such a dangerous gentleman as Mr Gabriel Eames. While they grew up together, a misguided fight in their youth resulted in their estrangement from each other. But Arthur knows that Eames is the only person who can help him now, and he must find a way to gain his assistance -- even if it means deceiving him as to the true identity of the person in need. But what happens when Eames discovers his shocking secret?
  • A Secret Only Both of Us Know by [ profile] la_victorienne. Eames and Arthur go way back. Farther back than either one of them will admit.
  • A Series of One Night Stands by [ profile] cmonkatiekatie. Mal and Dom get married in Paris. It's a slapdash, thrown together thing, all late summer light and folding chairs and sunshine through trees.
  • A Shot Across the Bows by [ profile] five_ht. (AU) Eames is the first mate, Arthur is the disgruntled captive cabin boy turned highly competent ship's medic (still disgruntled).
  • A System Failure for the Masses by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Following a worldwide epidemic, Arthur has to remain quarantined in a bunker and Eames sneaks in to visit him. Featuring prison breaks, cabin fever, Yusuf, and revolution.
  • A Town at the Bottom of the Ocean / Build a Big Log Cabin in the Country by [ profile] smallacts. Arthur buys an island. It takes Eames a year to figure out which one.
  • A Thrill to Rest My Cheek to by [ profile] delires. Arthur is sitting in a restaurant in downtown LA, waiting for a blind date.
  • A Well-Defined Function by [ profile] mithrigil. Eames is smarter than Arthur thinks. Arthur is smarter than Eames gives him credit for.
  • Ach, des Knaben Augen / Steinway!verse by [ profile] toomuchplor. AU where Arthur's a pianist and Eames is a lyric baritone and their love is so lieder.
  • Action! Adventure! Certain Death! Paisley! by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Pulp fiction superhero fic for great justice.
  • Adagietto (Pictures at an Eameshibition) by [ profile] bookshop. Orchestra AU
  • Adrift by [ profile] eternalsojourn. (AU) During the depression era, Arthur rides the rails to escape his life. He meets a gambler and a thief, and discovers more than he expected as he hurtles in the dark through the heartland of America.
  • Again & Again by [ profile] sorrynotsorry. Arthur is across the room, chatting with Mrs. Samuels. They’re laughing about something and he’s touching her elbow lightly as their heads bend towards one another. She’s in something Narcisco Rodriguez, Arthur in Canali. It’s a pale, cool grey suit, immaculately tailored, showing of the length of his legs, the perfect squaring of his shoulders. It’s the slope of his neck as he leans in, the small crinkle around his eyes, the elegant way his hands move and curl around a glass- the entire effect is captivating.
  • Against the Fall of the Night / Sometime Around Midnight by [ profile] cthonical. Arthur is the Huffliest Puff. Eames is a ghost. In which there is a Yule Ball and something terrible happens.
  • Alea Iacta Est by [ profile] aramleys_words. (AU) Arthur is a military tribune, Eames cheats at dice, and the result is a merry chase.
  • All the Faces You Wear by [ profile] andrealyn. Arthur's known Eames for a while now and he's always wearing different faces, hiding the one Arthur prefers to see.
  • All the Pretty Girls by [ profile] fermine. Arthur has been crossdressing for in private for years now, but hides it from everyone because he's too ashamed. Eames finds out and uses it as leverage to get him to have sex.
  • All’s Fair by [ profile] eleveninches. Arthur can always find Eames, and Eames needs to know if Arthur wants him just as badly.
  • All Manner of Wolves by [ profile] weatherfront. In the immortal words of Freddie Mercury, Fucking on the subway, fucking on the subway, fucking on the subway on a job. How Arthur and Eames meet; hint, it is by fucking on the subway. Unfortunately, this fic does not actually have anything to do with Freddie Mercury, but it does contain a light dash of Little Red Riding Hood.
  • All Our Wires Got Crossed by [ profile] five_ht. Exposition, and then porn, and then porn and feelings, and then feelings.
  • All the Boys With Their Toys by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur likes to invent things. And grow mustaches. He's a man of many facets.
  • All the Rules to Break by [ profile] foxxcub. A notorious serial killer returns after a three-year hiatus, reminding Detective Arthur Moss of the infamous case he couldn't close. But when the FBI becomes involved, Arthur is forced to work side-by-side once again with Special Agent Daniel Eames, a man who knows Arthur better than Arthur himself will ever admit. Both men must confront their past and heal old wounds in order to bring a psychopath to justice.
  • All We Need Is One More Time by [ profile] postcardmystery. (AU) "Have you been read your rights, sir?"
  • Alone / Alive by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames’ inability to concentrate on the job is Arthur’s fault, and it could end them both in Limbo.
  • Alpha by [ profile] eternalsojourn. Arthur and Eames are werewolves who meet for the first time and battle it out to determine who's the Alpha Male.
  • Amazing Grace by [ profile] airgiodslv. “Cobb’s in a coma,” Arthur says. It’s the first time he’s said it out loud; the words feel strange in his mouth. “He’s fallen into limbo. Mal and I can’t wake him up.”
  • An Empty Glass of Scotch and a Poker Chip by [ profile] kiyala. Eames has the talent to slip in and out of people's houses without leaving a sign of his presence. Arthur wonders why he's made it a habit to break into his apartment, and make sure Arthur knows.
  • Anal [Inception] / Anal [Inception] Part 2 / Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows / Hallowed / Never Knew Raiding Like This Before by [ profile] cthonical. Arthur and Eames both play WoW. They kick ass at Warsong Gulch, and when they team up they’re nigh on unstoppable. They don’t know they’re playing with each other. (Also: Arthur explains WoW.) this series is probably better known as NOT NOW COBB WE’RE DOING BG’S. :’)
  • And a Gunshot for Her Lullaby by [ profile] cthonical. After the number of firefights he’s been in, Eames figures he probably shouldn’t find the sound of rifle discharge so familiar and comforting. It’s probably more the fact that he knows it’s Arthur firing it that’s the comforting part, really.
  • And All of This Baggage by [ profile] canyousayhot. (AU) Arthur wonders what his troubles are, what he does for a living, why he’s wearing his belt so high up on his torso, and if he’s ever been to a tailor in his life.
  • And Gone by [ profile] recrudescence. He still can't tell if Arthur doesn't know his limits or if he gets off on ignoring them. He's decided he doesn't particularly care.
  • And He Just Wants Another Cigarette by [ profile] onthecount. Eames is eight. His mom is talking about grass. Fescue. Bermuda. Lindsay is six, and she is snug against his side. Her hair hasn’t been brushed for days, and it shows.
  • And I Feel Fine by [ profile] amazingly_me. So as it turns out, Arthur is in love. This is not a particularly welcome revelation, besides which he isn't quite sure what to do with it.
  • And It Hurts Like Hell by [ profile] climb & [ profile] canyousayhot. Eames loves Arthur. Arthur loves Eames. On a burnt piece of sketch paper in the forest. On a crumpled piece of graphing paper in a long forgotten warehouse. On the inside of a book left in a used bookstore. On torn out pages from a moleskin (carefully folded and kept close to the breast). These are the words they should have said to each other, but never quite did.
  • And Miles to Go Before I Sleep by [ profile] fermine. Arthur gets deaged mentally to 16 or so. Even though he hasn't met Eames yet, being 16, he still inherently trusts him.
  • And Now You Know by [ profile] dialectical. A leaked D/s sex tape of Arthur and Eames shows up in Dom's email inbox.
  • And the Doors Are Open by [ profile] guns_and_butter. “Yusuf,” she says, dangerously, “did you give my point man a love potion?”
  • Antarctic by [ profile] sekkritbandlj. It felt like a dream at first. Mostly because Arthur couldn't remember falling or how he had ended up at the base of a rather towering precipice. He could have sworn that he had been nearly at the top.
  • Any Eventuality by [ profile] starlingthefool. People assume that Eames likes to be in perfect control of everything: how he presents himself to the world, how others see him, how an extraction goes down. That's true, mostly. Sometimes. The reality is more complicated.
  • Anybody With a Heart Votes Love by [ profile] knowmydark. Sin City!AU. Arthur is a whore; Eames can't help himself. This is a story about desire.
  • Arctic Dreams by [ profile] wldnst. Arthur is a marine biologist. Eames is his rival, but Eames doesn't know that.
  • Artist AU by [ profile] onthecount. Mr. Eames with his latest work, “There Are Only So Many Times You Can See Guernica And Tell Me He Stole It From Matisse,” which he says is a tribute to the muralist Arthur Hoffman.
  • Artistocats AU (!!!!!!!!) by [ profile] onthecount. “What the fuck,” Arthur says, sitting rigidly upright. His tail flicks around behind him irritably. Eames leans bodily into his side, peering into the basket. “It’s kittens,” he says. “Abandoned kittens.”
  • As If You Were the Small Room Closed in Glass by [ profile] knowmydark. In which Arthur learns what it is that he actually wants.
  • (As I’m Free) Take Me Down the Way by [ profile] knowmydark. This is a story about growing up.
  • As It Comes by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur falls into a coma after a job gone wrong. When he wakes up from it four and a half years later, Eames is waiting for him, but things aren't as simple as that.
  • At Home in the Sea by [ profile] pyrimidine. Eames's freelancing terms are as follows: Will only accept jobs from Dom Cobb or jobs that come through Dom Cobb. Team maximum is four. Pay 100% upfront. Everyone must already be under before he'll hook in. He gets to back out at any time if he sees fit to do so.
  • Attached You Will Find by [ profile] meiface. It turns out that Eames sending dirty pictures to Arthur's phone has become something of a routine thing.
  • Au Sourire de Montmartre by [ profile] onthecount. Eames takes Arthur to Paris to tell him he loves him
  • Baby, It’s Cold Outside by [ profile] papered. (AU) Arthur and Eames work on a Christmas tree farm.
  • Baby, You’re a Firework by [ profile] cmonkatiekatie. Arthur's been struggling against his attraction to Eames because Eames turns him on too much; he comes too soon and it humiliates him. Eames figures it out and teaches him control.
  • Baciami by [ profile] eleveninches. (AU) Eames the gondolier meets Arthur the thief.
  • Beauty of the Beast by [ profile] kiyala. When Eames takes on a job from Cobb to shape shift as his daughter, he knows that this will be interesting. When he's told that he'll be playing prisoner to the wicked beast in the castle just outside of the town, he isn't sure what to expect. He doesn't expect to find Arthur, a bitter ex-hunter who is still struggling to come to terms with his curse, and he definitely doesn't expect to fall for a man who refuses to believe in love.
  • Believe Me If You Can (The House at Pooh Corner) by [ profile] gyzym. In a world where Arthur is Rabbit, Eames is Tigger, Cobb is Pooh, Yusuf is Eeyore, Ariadne is Piglet and Saito is Owl, nothing makes sense anymore.
  • Bend It by [ profile] cthonical. (AU) Arthur's last semester at school gets way more interesting than he bargained for when his gymnastics idol, Eames, moves in just down the street.
  • Best Boy in the Valley by [ profile] maybe77. Porn star AU.
  • Better by [ profile] fermine. Arthur joins in on Eames' dream and finds him with projection!Robert.
  • Beware Our Nubile Miscreants by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur meets Eames at an Of Montreal concert while wearing skinny jeans and a Ted Leo pin. AUish.
  • Birds on a Wire by [ profile] traincar. they're three parts stupid and two destructive.
  • Black Water by [ profile] persephone_il. At the second level, with Dom screaming right into his face, something inside Arthur goes calm and still as he thinks, I don't have to do shit for you. (Or, How Arthur Got His Groove Back, While Eames Never Lost His.)
  • Bliss by [ profile] foxxcub. Arthur and Eames are stranded on a deserted island as children and fall in love as they grow older.
  • Blood and Bone by [ profile] lmeden. (AU) In which Arthur is a Necromancer and everything else is quite a bit different as well.
  • Both Feet on the Ground by [ profile] andrealyn. Eames vanishes for five days and comes back married. It takes twenty-five years for all the fractioned pieces to make sense in a bigger picture.
  • Breaking Point by [ profile] crayon_scrawls. When Eames meets Arthur, it's hate at first sight.
  • Breath of God by [ profile] veritas_nescio. It happens slowly, progressing over years, time measured in continents slipping through the hour glass.
  • Buongiorno, Felicita by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur is the son of a mafia boss. Eames is hired to protect him. And he does, through gunfire and explosions and erections and too many sweets.
  • Burden of the Mighty by [ profile] reliablemachine. Professor Eames tries to get close to Arthur the TA but there's a secret keeping him distant.
  • Burn My Bridges by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur begins to slip over the brink and it's easier than he thought it would be.
  • But It’s a Good Refrain by [ profile] amazingly_me. “You have to kiss,” one of the portraits on the wall informs them in tones of sternest authority. If Arthur squints, the fierce-featured, curly-haired woman pictured reminds him a bit of one of his great aunts.
  • Call and Answer / Echo Effect by [ profile] airgiodslv. “Call if you need me,” Arthur says, “and I’ll come.”
  • Can Lay My Body Down, Can’t Find My Sweet Release by [ profile] cthonical. Arthur is a spermpire and must suck cock to survive. Eames pines.
  • Can’t Buy This Sort of Happiness by [ profile] knowmydark. AU where Eames orders a mail-order bride, but instead he gets an Arthur.
  • Can’t Get Enough of You (Baby) by [ profile] heyheyrenay. Eames vanishes from dreamshare and Arthur goes a little crazy looking for him until he stumbles across him -- with a baby.
  • Can’t Hurry Love by [ profile] smallacts. Mal and Dom invite Arthur and Eames over for Christmas.
  • Carry Me When You Go Forth by [ profile] cherrybina. (AU) Eames would have thought that a 16-year-old would be entirely too complicated for his life, but Arthur proves himself to be more than worth the effort.
  • Cartography for Amateurs by [ profile] jibrailis. A birth, a death, a wedding, a pair of missing cufflinks, and the road to California. (Road trip AU).
  • Cat and Mouse by [ profile] kiyala. Eames is convinced that he doesn't know Arthur at all. He's the only one who believes it.
  • Changing of the Guard by [ profile] normalhumanbein. They’re in Madrid, and Eames is leaning against the jamb of the hotel door, legs crossed at the ankle, hat tipped politely, linen suit slowly plastering itself to his back. “You’ve been looking for me,” he says.
  • Chasing the Rising Sun by [ profile] foxxcub. The point is, Arthur’s life is just fine without this scruffy, annoying puppy following him everywhere.
  • Check Me Out by [ profile] wldnst. Eames is a university reference librarian. Arthur is a particularly interesting patron.
  • Childish Thoughts, Adult Minds by [ profile] sekkritbandlj. "And who is gullible? Who is the most susceptible to lies?" Yusuf asked them.
  • Close Your Eyes, Replay These Days by [ profile] mixtapestar. This is a story of self-discovery, of running from love and of waking up. But you should know up front: this is a love story.
  • Cold Climate Love by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. (AU) Eames is thirty-three years old and he feels like he’s ready to die. His joints calcified, ligaments torn, the cartilage worn down to brittle bone...
  • College RA’s by [ profile] sekkritbandlj. (AU) "Eames? Do you have a minute?" Arthur seemed worried and it wasn't a particular good look for him. In fact, it made Eames on edge. Arthur was the RA in the hall above his own and last time Arthur came to him with such a serious demeanor, one of Eames' residents had left a live chemistry set in the building shared handicapped bathroom.
  • Comfort and Joy by [ profile] delires. Christmas is about finding a place to call home.
  • Comfort and Joy by [ profile] meiface. The first five times don't count, because Arthur says so, and after that he's sort of lost count.
  • Commitment Is a Stolen Dali...Among Other Things by [ profile] climb. Between the two of them they could start a museum, or at the very least they could do a fine impression of one inside the walls of any given mansion expansive enough to have wings.
  • Conspirators in Living by [ profile] smallacts. After his mother "retires," Arthur finds himself in need of a new business partner. He gets a bit more than he bargained for with Eames. (See also: Conspirators in Living [e side] by [ profile] canyousayhot.)
  • Count to Three And by [ profile] addandsubtract. Arthur is packing up his files, organizing them alphabetically.
  • Counterbalancing the Abacus by [ profile] andrealyn. He drowns in order to draw in air. He bleeds out so that he can open his eyes to a brand new world after every dream. In which Eames abandons his team and Arthur visits to discover why.
  • Code Name Albatross by [ profile] wldnst. It isn’t until Eames shoots the first mate of the Fisher in the chest with a harpoon gun that he wonders how this will affect his chance at tenure.
  • Crime and Medicine by [ profile] eleveninches. When a simple extraction on Cobb goes haywire, Arthur loses a friend, gains an enemy, falls in love, and finds out exactly who he is -- give or take a new alias or two. In which Fischer is incepted, Cobb's secrets are property of the U.S. government, and Eames teaches Arthur that PVPing is an excellent life skill to have when you're accidentally becoming a bad ass dreamsharing motherfucker.
  • Crush by [ profile] knowmydark. Like sandpaper, like the heart put into a box, like a gun-sight, like years, like time, like roads, like the way that the boy moves next to you, like his teeth, like his eyes, like his mouth, like his throat, like miles, like miles, like miles, like miles, like closer, like not quite close enough.
  • Cuddleslut by [ profile] meiface. In which Eames doesn't know how to cuddle, Arthur finds himself giving lessons, and arguments are won by cheating.
  • Dakota by [ profile] fermine. Eames was sick. Arthur knew this because of the way he dragged his feet across the carpet, pausing by the doorway to lean against the wall and catch his breath. He had droopy socks on and silk boxer shorts and his face was pale and puffy. He looked like shit.
  • Darling by [ profile] tequilideas. “It’s not real,” Arthur says. “Whatever you think you’re doing, it’s not real.” “Of course,” Eames says, “but that’s only true for certain values of ‘real.’”
  • Darling, Don’t Fade on Me by [ profile] andrealyn. Ten years ago, they achieved successful inception. Since then, Eames' sanity has slowly begun to splinter into various forgeries. Arthur puts together a plan to complete inception once more and bring Eames back to the world. Despite the threat of failure, losing Eames, and the perils of limbo, Arthur is willing to try anything.
  • Darling We Were Meant to Be by [ profile] papered. (AU) in which arthur is the chemistry TA and eames is the student who comes to every single office hour. except... not really.
  • Das Vorbewusste by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames navigates the preconscious world straight into Arthur's pants.
  • Desiderata by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames doesn't deal in fractions.
  • Desperate Romantics by [ profile] fermine. Arthur and Eames have been in relationship for years, but neither want to admit it first.
  • Dial by Fire by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur and Eames suck at phone sex.
  • Dig, Lazarus, Dig by [ profile] sho_no_tabi. The last thing Arthur had said was, "I think I'm onto something here, Eames. I'll call you tomorrow." And then he hadn't called, and that, of all things, was not like Arthur.
  • Diptych by [ profile] veritas_nescio. Their relationship just starting out, Arthur tries to understand Eames through his label as 'forger'.
  • Dispatches From a Life on the Run / If It’s Not Here Soon, I Might Be Done by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Eames can't understand why Cobb decided to partner up with someone so dull he apparently goes over CCTV footage in his off-hours.
  • Documentation of an Affair by [ profile] onthecount.
  • Dog Days Are Over by [ profile] foxxcub. “Eames.” Arthur resists shoving a hand through his hair. “We can’t just go around looking like—” “Like teenagers?” Eames’ smile gets disgustingly wide.
  • Don’t Call My Eames by [ profile] ivynights. His name is Alejandro. Of course his name is Alejandro.
  • Don’t Fall in Love With a Dreamer / Love Grows (Where Cobb Goes) by [ profile] eleveninches. Arthur joins the mile high club, Cobb joins the broken hearts club, Eames joins the smug extractors' club, and Yusuf just wants to club everyone. Or, Eames steals Cobb's point man.
  • Don’t Know What You’ve Got by [ profile] veritas_nescio. What they seem to have changes with exposure.
  • Don’t Stop Believin’ by [ profile] fermine. GLEE AU.
  • Don’t Think About Elephants by [ profile] kiyala. After a test with one of Yusuf's new compounds goes wrong, Arthur and Eames find themselves in physical pain unless they're kissing.
  • Don’t Think, Don’t Wonder by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur and Eames miss the kick on a job and end up trapped in a desert in Arthur's mind.
  • Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right by [ profile] fermine. Arthur, in a drunken stupor or sleepy in-the-dark escape from the bedroom the morning after accidentally puts on Eames's shirt.
  • Double Buck by [ profile] wldnst. Arthur and Eames are lumberjacks, and they're okay. Or: Arthur has absolutely no interest in sawing double buck, especially not with someone who also uses a chainsaw.
  • Downpour by rageprufrock. (AU) "I'm not letting you go back to that house." 
  • Drank the Dark Wine of the New York Night by [ profile] fermine. Eames shampooing Arthur’s hair in the shower.
  • Dream a Little Dream of Me by [ profile] meiface. Arthur likes routine and his job as a bank teller gives him that. Falling in love with the man who comes in to rob the bank, however, is not a part of the routine.
  • Dreams Are for Rookies / A Gentleman Not In Your Books by [ profile] foxxcub. Two months before the end of sophomore year, Arthur lets Ariadne talk him into “making an appearance” at a party held by the captain of the soccer team, way to hell and gone out in the suburbs. The house is over-sized, the music too loud, and no one, save a half dozen people, can remember Arthur’s name. It’s pretty much his idea of hell. And that’s all before he chugs four beers in the kitchen to avoid talking to anyone and somehow ends up in a closet during an impromptu game of Seven Minutes in Heaven.
  • Drop Your Differences at the Door by [ profile] kellifer_fic. (AU) They really shouldn't - but they do.
  • Dynamite Is Waiting / Don’t Worry About the Futureby [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) Arthur is dragged to the carnival by his sister, Ariadne. They get their fortune told and the psychic tells Arthur he is going to fall in love with a beautiful stranger.
  • Eames Blowing Kisses by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Every time Eames leaves after a job, he blows Arthur a kiss. One day, Arthur catches one.
  • East Asian (東亞細亞) Love Song Tour by [ profile] weatherfront. the one where Arthur serenades Eames in three languages he can't speak.
  • Edith by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Arthur, since his youngest days, has always been attracted to a certain type of unpredictable, chaos-inducing person.
  • Eldritch Horror and All That, Love by [ profile] ethrosdemon. There is, of course, the unfortunate job where the psyche of the mark calls for them to be vampires. Arthur makes all the suitable protests about his dignity and how cliché it all is, but Eames ruins everything.
  • En Haut et en Baus by [ profile] weatherfront. Mal makes them do it. Mal makes them tell stories. Mal makes them fumble for something to touch. Mal makes them fuck, but maybe that's not the important part.
  • En Route to Transylvania by [ profile] weatherfront. Vampire Arthur, Goatherd Eames, sitting in a farming village in an undetermined historical time period, k-i-s-s-i-n-g, oh my god, this song doesn't even fit the meter.
  • End Game by [ profile] bronson. Arthur finds out that Eames has been telling other people in the dreamsharing community that he and Arthur are an item. Arthur thinks it's to protect Arthur, which makes him see red, but really Eames just wants people to keep their hands off Arthur. Because even if he doesn't know it yet, Arthur belongs to Eames.
  • Even Game by [ profile] thehoyden. Eames has the grace to look pleasantly surprised and intrigued, and if it's a front, it's beautifully done.
  • Even If This Ship Sinks by [ profile] kiyala. (AU) It won’t leave his mind. He’s not even sure he wants it to. All he knows is that he can’t stop thinking about it: the cool night air, the clear sea, and a man.
  • Even That We Will Wake Up Is an Assumption by [ profile] knowmydark. In which Eames falls in love with one side of Arthur and forgets that Arthur may actually be human.
  • Every Dog by [ profile] wldnst. Arthur steals Eames' dog.
  • Everything I Build (Is Breaking Down by [ profile] smilebackwards. Arthur only ever works with Dominic Cobb.
  • Everything’s Magic by [ profile] foxxcub. Eames is a were-unicorn, and Arthur is the architect unknowingly out to destroy Eames' home. The rest is just a fairytale love story.
  • Eye on Authority, Thumbprint's a Forgery by [ profile] imogenedisease"Oh," Eames says. "A potential riot. I must be going love, ta!"
  • Faith in Aberrations by [ profile] recrudescence. There isn’t much that has Arthur hesitating and faltering like a virgin. Eames privately finds it charming that someone who’s led a life as eventful as Arthur’s can still be so sweetly squeamish about certain things.
  • Fall to Pieces by [ profile] cherrybina. Arthur is always so uptight and in control; Eames wants to make him lose it. Eames bets Arthur will only last fifteen minutes before he comes, and Arthur, of course, wants to prove him wrong. He thinks he can, too, because he didn't count on Eames' shameless exploitation of all of his kinks.
  • Far Out to Pieces and Alone by [ profile] traincar. arthur doesn't know what they have, but it tastes like grief. eames finds out why.
  • Faster Than Without Water by [ profile] viva_gloria. Art and lies, paradoxes and mazes: Ariadne needs to unravel a crime that was committed in dreams and in reality.
  • Felis Catus by [ profile] fermine. Yusuf’s experiment goes wrong. Arthur changes into a kitten and Eames takes care of him.
  • Fire Favoured by [ profile] andrealyn. (AU) arthur's always burned hot. he's just never lost control so much until a shapeshifter with bad habits came along.
  • Five Hundred Chances for a First Impression by [ profile] meiface. "Out of my way," says a total asshole who elbows his way in front of Arthur.
  • Five Lives They Never Led by [ profile] acidpop25. (AU) Five different roads never taken.
  • Five Parts of Eames’ Body That Turn Arthur on / Five Parts of Arthur’s Body That Turn Eames on by [ profile] acidpop25.
  • Five Times Eames Made Arthur Smile During Sex (and One Time Arthur Made Eames Smile by [ profile] cherrybina. Eames never expected a smile to be his undoing.
  • Flannel: A Love Story by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur has a secret love of flannel. Eames has a not-so-secret love of Arthur. They end up in Canada.
  • Flash by [ profile] weatherfront. "Excuse me," comes a voice from above them, "I was just wondering if-- if you might be who I think you are."
  • Flash Point by [ profile] knowmydark. AU where Arthur is a pin-up model, and Eames is his biggest fan.
  • Flawless by [ profile] knowmydark. It's been five years but Eames still can't stop wanting him.
  • Flip by [ profile] eternalsojourn. Arthur's never bottomed. Though he's always wanted to, he never trusted anyone to do it right. Eames is up to the task.
  • Football AU by [ profile] sekkritbandlj. Eames is a famous football/soccer player hitting on Arthur who just want an autograph for his baby sister Ariadne!
  • For All the World’s a Stage by [ profile] sound_of_bells. (AU) They’re rehearsing every day, for hours and hours, which means that Eames has more than enough opportunities to get under Arthur’s skin. It’s not, he reflects, even that he wants to fuck him – he does, but that’s beside the point. He wants to drive him out of his mind, really, and doesn’t let him be bothered by the fact that he doesn’t know quite why that is.
  • For the Man Who Has Everything by [ profile] ethrosdemon. It starts innocently enough (yeah, right), Arthur sends Eames a birthday gift as a sort of (ok, totally) signal that Arthur knows these things about him.
  • Forged You Like a Weapon, Like an Arrow in My Bow by [ profile] fermine. Five times Eames called Arthur in the middle of the night, and one time Arthur showed up unexpectedly on Eames' doorstep.
  • Fridays, I’m in Love by [ profile] foxxcub. Eames is watching him with something irritatingly tentative in his eyes, like he thinks Arthur’s a virgin or something, which...they do not need to be discussing right now.
  • Friendly Fire by [ profile] eleveninches. A week after the events of the movie, Cobb checks in with his teammates.
  • Full Nelson by [ profile] pyrimidine. (AU) Eames’s tattoos are horrid. That doesn’t stop anyone sitting in the bleachers from openly staring at them.
  • Gelatin Silver by [ profile] wldnst. Arthur teaches Eames how to make gelatin silver prints.
  • Get Along by [ profile] wldnst. Eames gets a dog named Arthur, who is a girl, and meets a person named Arthur, who is not.
  • Get Me Away From Here, I’m Dying by [ profile] fermine. Arthur inadvertently destroys Eame's totem, somehow. Eames decides that Arthur's tongue is an adequate replacement for said totem.
  • Get Out of My Dream, Get into My Car by [ profile] eleveninches. Arthur mysteriously disappears after a job, and for the first time, Eames is the one searching for him. A story in which Eames is emotionally stunted, and Arthur unknowingly saves Liverpool.
  • Ginger Sling with a Pineapple Heart / Hot Glare/Jerk Off by [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) Arthur is in high school and comes home to find that his new neighbor (Eames) has finally moved in.
  • Glow Glow Melt and Flow by [ profile] foxxcub. Arthur knows he’s being fussy. He also knows he’s too tired to focus on how his subconscious seems to think providing him with a mostly-naked, bed-hogging Eames is somehow conducive to him getting a decent night’s sleep.
  • God Save the Queen by [ profile] someidiothasice. (AU) Eames is a prince. Arthur is his manservant.
  • Good for Now by [ profile] blue_fish. When the text comes to Eames's phone, he knows at a glance that it's legitimate. When Arthur is being coerced to contact him, he uses his name. When he's contacting Eames of his own free will, he uses code.
  • Good to the Last Drop by [ profile] jibrailis. aka the juicebox fic. In which Arthur's ass is magic and Eames likes sticking his tongue into small, tight holes.
  • Good Road Home by [ profile] wldnst. Eames hates his life, gets drunk, and ends up stateside. Then there is a road trip.
  • Hallefuckinglujah by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur is a young priest whose faith is faltering and Eames is the sinner who makes him fall hard. …In a dream. And then they have sex. In a story in which Arthur is not Jewish.
  • Hallmark of the Holidays by [ profile] meiface. AU. No one is supposed to like their gag gifts, but Arthur insists on being that person.
  • Hard to Be Soft, Tough to Be Tender by [ profile] smallacts. Hate him, love him. It doesn’t matter. He’s still Arthur’s.
  • He Is the Wild Bunch by [ profile] smallacts. Distantly, Eames can almost appreciate that he’s being fought over, ridiculous as that sounds, given that Arthur is involved, given that One Two never really wanted him anyway. But there’s too much at stake to have any real fun with it.
  • Hell of a Long Way Home by [ profile] ester_inc. With his weary face and rumpled clothes, he looks like any other patron in this disreputable, spit and sawdust, side of the road watering hole.
  • Hell of a Life by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur loves sex, and he mostly likes it rough, and he really doesn't give a fuck about what that means.
  • Help Me Test Out a Mistletoe by [ profile] sekkritbandlj. Arthur works for a department store and tries to raise his sister Ariadne to be sensible. This is all about to change.
  • High Hopes by [ profile] ester_inc. Arthur at seventeen is not the same as Arthur at twenty-nine; Eames is one of the few people to have met Arthur at both ages. Some days, Arthur thinks that if he could go back in time and smack some sense into his teenage self, he would. A story about lust, love, and the years between.
  • His Lordship Makes a Match by [ profile] jibrailis. Regency AU! Eames is an Earl and Arthur is his long-suffering valet.
  • Hit Me Like You Mean It by [ profile] cthonical. Eames makes Arthur come till he cries.
  • Hold It Close and Keep It Here by [ profile] cherrybina. Arthur's in the hospital, and only family is allowed to visit.
  • Homesick / Wanderlust by [ profile] wldnst. Arthur is from everywhere and nowhere at all, and he doesn't know where he's going.
  • Honor Amongst Thieves by [ profile] aimlesstravels. The first time Eames found himself up a creek without a paddle, he's young and arrogant, cocky as hell and careless. He actually doesn't remember all too well how it happened, whether it was a bet gone wrong or a slip of the hand, twitchy fingers or shooting his mouth off to the wrong person - all he remembers is the aftermath, where they took a hammer to his hands.
  • How Do You Talk to a Point Man by [ profile] eleveninches. After all this time, Arthur has too much pride to simply ask Eames to have sex with him. A story in which the job isn't always glamourous, Cobb thinks Arthur makes poor life decisions, and Eames steals everything (including, maybe, Arthur's heart).
  • How I Met Your Forger: the Wingman Edition by [ profile] mixtapestar. Barney reveals his big secret: what he actually does for a living. But mostly he just tells his awesome wingman story.
  • How to Love a Mocking Bird by [ profile] sparkledark. How Eames learned to stop worrying and love the bird.
  • How to Manufacture a Gossip From a Gentleman by [ profile] onthecount. By the third day, the Serbians or the French Canadians or whoever the fuck they are have realized that Eames has the sexual stamina of a seventeen year old, and getting him off constantly is not so much torture as it’s just very impolite of them.
  • Human Voices Wake Us by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. (AU) Arthur’s bedroom looks out over a sloping, English lawn, rows of cedars casting a wide net of shadow over a curving gravel drive. As Arthur watches, a claret Bentley slips into the light, its wheels cutting deep ruts in the gravel and the sun gleaming darkly on its polished bonnet. The tall, blond boy from the photograph gets out of the back, wearing grey trousers, a white shirt, a black silk cravat and a dark blue uniform jacket. He’s clutching a flat straw hat with a dark blue band. He sets the hat on the back of his head and slips his hand into the pocket of his jacket. Cupping his hands, he lights a cigarette...

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