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  1. Pagina Uno by [ profile] pyrimidine. "Ah," Yusuf says, lifting a reproving hand, "are we calling less than 24 hours of memory loss amnesia now?"
  2. Party Shuffle by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Eames is not, strictly speaking, a sentimental man.
  3. PASIV/ACTIV by [ profile] jibrailis. Saito has made the PASIV more user-friendly and now it's talking to Arthur.
  4. Parentheses All Clicking Shut Behind You by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is shot in Anchorage and makes one last phone call to someone he loves.
  5. Pas de Deux by [ profile] canyousayhot. Eames finds out Arthur's secret and intends to mercilessly tease him about it; Arthur turns the tables on him.
  6. Patience, a Steady Hand by [ profile] helenish. (AU) 821 A.D. Arthur is in the nightmare business. Eames is a thief, a liar, and versatile with a pen.
  7. Pawprints in the Snow by [ profile] kiyala. (AU) in which Arthur is a wolf and Eames is a polar bear.
  8. Peanut Butter & Fixed Five-Year Terms by [ profile] andrealyn. (AU) Arthur’s first impression of William Eames was that no living man should ever have that much flour smeared over his face, that no real person should have that many tattoos, and that no person in his personal history had ever made Arthur feel so suddenly off-kilter without even saying a word.
  9. Perfect by [ profile] acidpop25. Perfection is what Arthur does, perfect research and perfect suits and perfect gunshots and perfect bones. A slim silhouette, dagger-deadly and gleaming.
  10. Perfect Symmetry by [ profile] foxxcub. It wasn’t art, only a coping mechanism, something that steadied his mind with its simplicity.
  11. Perfection in Your Flaws by [ profile] butterflythread. It's such an obvious secret, and Eames is surprised it took him so long to figure it out.
  12. Permanent Press by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur/Eames domestic adventures. Or: the mystery of Eames' disappearing underpants. Or: what Arthur wants to do on his birthday. Or: how Arthur and Eames learned to live together, put up with each other's weirdness, and learn that being a BAMF doesn't mean you can't also be a dork.
  13. Personal Eternity by [ profile] veritas_nescio. (AU) "Each man is given, in dreams, a little personal eternity which allows him to see the recent past and the near future."
  14. Phone Tag by [ profile] starlingthefool. Due to his dyslexia, Eames has memorized tons and tons of literature. He listens to books on tape on his iPod all the time. Arthur has shitty taste in everything (except suits) and listens to, like, radio-friendly rock while Eames is chillaxing with Anna Karenina on long aeroplane journeys.
  15. Pick Me Up and Turn Me Round by [ profile] wldnst. Arthur owns a bookshop. Eames buys some books.
  16. Picking Out Our Eyes by Coal and Candlelight by [ profile] bronson. (AU) Cobb and Mal die on a Tuesday, to an explosion of brilliant green light.
  17. Please Be Here Until the Morning by [ profile] sorrynotsorry. "What if I told you I couldn't help it?"
  18. Plus One by [ profile] someidiothasice. Arthur had his head tilted back, slouching enough to put this anonymous stranger a few inches above him, and a glass of something dark hanging from his fingertips. He was speaking, saying something to this man that wasn’t ‘get your hand off of me’ because the man’s hand inched higher and Eames… Well. To put it nicely, he lost his shit.
  19. Portrait of the Artist, Not of the Sitter by [ profile] reliablemachine. Eames had a relatively normal childhood, he thinks, aside from the violent tantrums his father sometimes threw after a night out, but he supposes that’s pretty normal as well, unfortunately.
  20. Precocious by [ profile] crayon_scrawls. Arthur is actually 19 years old.
  21. Presque Vu by [ profile] rageprufrock. Arthur meets Mal first. He inherits Dom, after. Everything else is on him.
  22. Press New Game / That Men Must Needs Abide by [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) The night before Arthur starts his freshman year, he gets bored/horny and goes on chatroulette, where he meets a hot British guy. They hit it off and mutual masturbation happens. Cue Arthur's surprise and mortification when the next day in class the professor introduces said cute, British guy as the TA.
  23. Pride & Arthur by [ profile] foxxcub. where the mark is a Jane Austen nut and the team makes a Pride and Prejudice dream world for her.
  24. Provenance by [ profile] rageprufrockEleven years ago, Dom was new to Interpol and effusive with enthusiasm, and in the thrall of his own cleverness he'd met Mal during one of Arthur's ruthlessly thorough crash-course weekends.
  25. Pulling Our Weight by [ profile] pyrimidine. They’re sucked into a book of fairytales and have to act out each story in order to get out.
  26. Pulp by [ profile] lmeden / Private Affairs by [ profile] someidiothasice. (AU) Eames returns to their abandoned office.
  27. Put Down All Your Weapons by [ profile] imogenediseaseThey met on a joint military venture into dreamsharing, and Arthur had already hit Sergeant somehow, had rocketed up the ladder. He was twenty-two and he was perfect, and Eames was assigned right by his side.
  28. Put Your Hands on Me by [ profile] meiface. Arthur didn't expect to be the handsier one of the two of them.
  29. Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel the Love) by [ profile] cherrybina. Eames has just settled down in front of the TV for the evening when he hears a soft tapping on his back door. There’s only one person it could be, but it’s the one person he’s not expecting tonight.
  30. Rainbow Flash by [ profile] lmeden. They walk like a band of heroes, stepped straight off the film screen.
  31. Ready, Aim, Misfire by [ profile] pyrimidine. (AU) Eames accidentally lights his living room on fire. Firefighter!Arthur arrives at his apartment and saves the day.
  32. Re: Vos Cerveaux by [ profile] fermine. Hospital AU.
  33. Reasons to Survive November by [ profile] fermine. Eames ends up in a coma after a job goes wrong.
  34. Recessional by [ profile] acidpop25. A love story in reverse.
  35. Redemption by [ profile] knowmydark. You can only be the best for so long before the rest of the world catches up with you.
  36. Renovations / Verse by [ profile] joosetta. In which Eames builds a nest and (accidentally) lures Arthur into it.
  37. Respira by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. Eames settles back in his chair, following with heavy-lidded eyes as Arthur crosses the cobblestones to the bar. Spring sunshine strokes his upturned face.
  38. Retrograde by [ profile] alhendra. Arthur loses himself.
  39. Rockstars!AU by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. Where Arthur is the troubled, beautiful singer, Eames is the hard-living bassist with loose morals, Cobb is the lead guitarist and peacemaker and Mal is the emotionally fragile drummer.
  40. Running Blind by [ profile] veritas_nescio. At its root, this is really Arthur’s thing. It isn’t Eames who craves being tied up, after all.
  41. Running (Is Something We’ve Always Done Well) by [ profile] crayon_scrawls. Mal is the one who introduces them to Eames, and it doesn't take long for her to convince Cobb to give him a chance, let him demonstrate what he can do.
  42. Satan Take the Wheel / Fall Like Lightning Down From Heaven by [ profile] blue_fish. In part one, Eames forges Satan, and carries hints of this over topside. Arthur gets caught up in it, leading to a d/s scene that both unexpectedly enjoy, though feel guilty about afterwards. In the second part, Arthur comes back for more.
  43. Scorch by [ profile] eternalsojourn. Arthur goes into heat unexpectedly during a job, and Eames breeds him for the entire heat.
  44. Secretly a Reef Rat by [ profile] templemarker. (AU) They were working a simple bait-and-extract, pulling corporate espionage on one company and feeding it to a competitor, when Arthur got a phone call.
  45. Seventeen by [ profile] eleveninches. For a job, Arthur has to go undercover at an all-boys' boarding school, which means he has to wear a uniform.
  46. Semblance of Relative Dimension in Dreamspace by [ profile] mixtapestar. Somehow, Eames cajoles Arthur into watching a few episodes of Doctor Who with him. Little does Arthur know, that's just the beginning.
  47. Sexoricism by [ profile] blue_fish. Arthur gets hit by a mack truck. Eames decides that Arthur is cursed.
  48. Shades of Mediocrity by [ profile] balphas. Arthur is actually attempting to have a normal life after the events of Inception... find a normal job, have normal hobbies, you know, things that don't involve dreams, guns, explosions or death. It's... not going well. And Eames, who makes no attempt to live a normal life, gets to look in from the outside and be amused.
  49. Shake It, Arthur, Shake It by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur wears purple velour tracksuits when he's not on the job. Eames is properly horrified.
  50. Signed, Sealed, Delivered by [ profile] pyrimidine. Arthur runs the No Sad, Big Smile Break-Up Service, scooting around the city on his Vespa ending other people's relationships. He's totally disillusioned by his job and doesn't believe in love anymore. Then he meets Eames.
  51. Simple Math / Masterlink by [ profile] foxxcub. (High school AU) fake boyfriends
  52. Sing Mercy by [ profile] starlingthefool. The morning after, and everything that comes with it, is always an uphill battle. A story of broken glass, chore therapy, white flags, torture via Journey songs, and rash impulses.
  53. Six Days Aboard the RMS Inception by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Eames is a con man and Arthur is secretly some kind of international jetsetting criminal.
  54. Skin Deep by [ profile] starlingthefool. (AU) A story that starts with a spiral, ends with a fire, and is stained with ink and blood in the middle.
  55. Small Little Melody by [ profile] bronson. Arthur and Eames have an on/off relationship but actually really love each other. During one of their off phases, Arthur has sex with Ariadne, who gets pregnant.
  56. Smells Like Teen Spirit by [ profile] fermine. Eames and Arthur have always been neighbors. Arthur refuses to go to his ridiculously stupid senior prom and stays at home while all his friends pile into a limo and leave. College student Eames shows Arthur that not all prom traditions - that is, losing your virginity on prom night - are lame
  57. Skybird by [ profile] windswept_fic. Arthur and Eames adopt a kid and raise that kid into Neal Caffrey.
  58. Snake Song by [ profile] veritas_nescio. In their apartment on Dauphine Street, Eames wakes up in the middle of the night to an empty bed.
  59. Some Origins of Fire by [ profile] foxxcub. He finds Eames in a boxing ring just outside of Omsk.
  60. Someday, All Your Mysteries Will Fade by [ profile] sound_of_bells. When a man called Dominic Cobb approaches him after he graduates from college, talking about new technology he’s pioneering, dream technology, dreamsharing, Arthur – still wearing his cap and gown – doesn’t hesitate to tell him the truth, which is that he’s never had a dream in his life, at least not any that he’s remembered in the morning.
  61. Something Brave From Your Mouth by [ profile] la_victorienne. In which Arthur asks three questions, Eames makes any number of undignified noises, and everybody loves this Kate Beaton shirt.
  62. Something Here From Somewhere Else by [ profile] skyvehicle. The one time they almost break up, and in turn, realize that they're actually together, a fact which they've somehow managed to miss. Or, nothing says "I love you" like a nose job.
  63. Something Like by [ profile] sho_no_tabi. They'd had a sparring sort of friendship, peppered with various tussles of the verbal, playfully violent and adult-rated types on and off for years. Grinding against a brick wall in Berlin; hands and mouths slow and warm in Dubai; a frantic, half-clothed handjob in a Paris hotel.
  64. Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell by [ profile] sound_of_bells. In a small bookstore in Soho, a young man named George P. Nash was trying to buy a book.
  65. Sort of Revolution by [ profile] pyrimidine. The first night Arthur stays over, the alarm goes off at 8:00am. Eames looks over at Arthur, who has half his face shoved into the pillow; he has only one eye open.
  66. Specificity by [ profile] onthecount. You want specificity, Arthur?
  67. Spin! by [ profile] weatherfront. Political crisis managers AU. Arthur and Eames are operatives for rival presidential campaigns in a heated Democratic primary. Can they find love and happiness in spite of all the pies, Republicans, and publicity disasters in their way? Even in the face of the dreaded ELECTORAL COLLEGE SYSTEM?
  68. Stage Two Attraction by [ profile] reliablemachine. Arthur finally starts relaxing a little because he's in loooove and glowing and the team is flummoxed but Eames is all ♥ because he knows it's because of him.
  69. Standalone by [ profile] skyvehicle. Las Vegas is alive, a vibrant, sweltering, 106 degree mass of sweaty bodies, millions upon millions of lights, a thousand different conversations, the air heavy, thick with humidity, and he is wearing a suit.
  70. Still Heartbroken (After All These Years) by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. ‘This,’ Eames says, ‘is so you know I could have killed you if I wanted to.’
  71. Stranger Things Than Known by Man by [ profile] butterflythread. If Eames had never told, Arthur never would have guessed. But now he knows what's really under Eames's skin, he can't stop thinking about it.
  72. Summer Days & Summer Nights (Are Long) by [ profile] wldnst. C. E. Miller, that asshole, gave Totem a shit review.
  73. Sunday Morning by [ profile] fermine. together, possibly married, with kids of their own.
  74. Suppression by [ profile] ethrosdemon. The first time they meet is because of Dominique. Like so much that went spectacularly awry in that phase of his life.
  75. Suspension Bridge, op. 4 by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Eames meets Arthur in a pub in London.
  76. T on the Timeline by [ profile] battleofhydaspe. Arthur picks out the people he works with very carefully.
  77. Take the Fall and Throw It All Away by [ profile] la_victorienne. Fruit tinning moguls, voyeuristic intention, accidentally besotted Eames, and an Arthur who is very pointedly Not An Idiot.
  78. Takes an Ocean Not to Break by [ profile] cmonkatiekatie. Arthur and Eames call each other between jobs.
  79. Tales From Liberty City by [ profile] butterflythread. The first time they did something illegal together.
  80. Talk Up, Bend Down by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur and Eames tell each other dirty stories to pass the time.
  81. Tap Out or Pass Out by [ profile] dialectical. (AU) Eames takes self defense to impress the student demonstrator, Arthur. Yusuf and Ariadne tag along to laugh at him.
  82. Tear Us Apart (Again) by [ profile] canyousayhot. Wherein Arthur and Eames fall in love, the way normal people do. Rough and with no small amount of heartache.
  83. Ten True Things by [ profile] fermine. spin me some sad story/ sell me some excuse/ to help me understand the things you do/ 'cause the way you treat your lovers/ well I just can't relate/ well where'd you learn to shoot your gun so straight? (22-20s - Shoot Your Gun)
  84. Test to Destruction by [ profile] persephone_il. In which Eames is a contrary, cynical bastard and Arthur is new to dreamshare. To begin with, at least.
  85. That Loving Feeling by [ profile] pyrimidine. Five times Arthur punched Eames in the dick. Non-accidentally. It is not sexy in any way. Neither of them have a dickpunching fetish.
  86. The Bet by [ profile] mixtapestar. In every bet, there is a fool and there is a thief.
  87. The Best Good-byes Are Yours by [ profile] traincar. eames knows how to say goodbye and arthur knows how to say hello and this is why they're doing it right.
  88. The Better to See You With by [ profile] eternalsojourn. (AU) Arthur is Little Red Riding Hood, Eames is the Wolf. This story loosely follows the fairy tale premise and contains a few nods to some lines from the source material. Aside from that, it's about Arthur, stories, and figuring out what we should really be afraid of.
  89. The Big Sleep by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur is a violent sleeper but Eames discovers just how to soothe him.
  90. The Boys I Mean Are Not Refined by [ profile] fermine. Arthur and Eames have been sleeping together for a while now, but have yet to have a real kiss.
  91. The Brightest Firefly in My Jar by [ profile] traincar. the lookout au: before he was arthur, he was chris pratt. he is in paris with a beautiful french woman who knows his name and loves him and all he thinks of is the way eames looked at him.
  92. The C Word by [ profile] kellifer_fic. He's starting to fear for his safety
  93. The Case of the Interloper by [ profile] imogenedisease"What if I told you I knew the world's only consulting detective?" Eames asks.
  94. The Cat & The Fiddle by [ profile] butterflythread. It starts, as these things so often do, with one of Yusuf’s experiments.
  95. The Coca Extraction by [ profile] wldnst. Ariadne calls Arthur about a job in Cochabamba. Eames is there, too.
  96. The Democracy of Sleep by [ profile] smallacts. In which Arthur loves Dom and Mal, despite knowing he will never be a half of their whole. Also in which Eames exhibits admirable patience while waiting for Arthur to realize he has options other than spending his whole life loving two people who can never love him back.
  97. The Disappearance of John Doe by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. 'If I woke up in a pool of someone else’s blood on the floor of a convenience store, I’d be screaming so hard you'd have to sedate me.'
  98. The End of the Celibate Life by [ profile] fermine. Arthur has a son and after dating Eames for almost a year, he decides to tell the forger about his son.
  99. The Eighth Day by [ profile] veritas_nescio. Eames and his God, as Arthur sees it ... or tries to.
  100. The Fabulist by [ profile] tequilideas. Sometimes Eames tells himself lies like he’s setting himself a dare, like how he tells himself he’s in love with Arthur, how he’s desperate to have Arthur love him back. That’s a good one.
  101. The First Five Times by [ profile] fermine. They end up having to platonically share a bed for ages.
  102. The Game of Kings by [ profile] bronson. (AU) Arthur scooped up several tennis balls into his arms, dumping them into the canvas bin beside him, a few feet away from the serving line. Three days until the US Open, his mind chanted. Three days, three days, three days.
  103. The Gates of Horn and Ivory by [ profile] jibrailis. This time, it's Arthur waiting for a train.
  104. The Greatest Catboy Arthur Masterlist Anyone Has Ever Seen by a lot of people. It all starts because [ profile] bookshop has a prompt.
  105. The Greedyhearts by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames is a high-end thief. Arthur is a private investigator hired to catch him. Ridiculous events ensue; something like love happens somewhere along the way. p.s. oh my god .
  106. The House That Cobb Built by [ profile] eleveninches. Or: the first and last time Eames was invited to Cobb's.
  107. The Inescapable Charm of the Countdown by [ profile] amazingly_me. The worst thing about Eames, Arthur decides as he pulls his Thai leftovers from the office fridge the next day, is how infuriatingly competent he is. Arthur absolutely cannot fucking stand it.
  108. The Incepted Bride: C. Nolanstern’s Classic Tale of True Love and High Adventure by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Inception meets Princess Bride. No one escapes unscathed.
  109. The Inescapable Truth by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Gotham never changes.
  110. The Kids Are All Right by [ profile] fermine. The other kids make fun of Arthur when he wears his new red bowtie to school. Eames tell them STFU and makes them eat dirt.
  111. The Kind You Could Sing by [ profile] foxxcub. Eames turns to him during a simple blueprint discussion and says casually, “You settled late, didn’t you?”
  112. The Man of My Dreams by [ profile] andrealyn. When Eames first meets Arthur, he's the man of Cobb's dreams. That doesn't last very long.
  113. The Necessity of Invention by [ profile] andrealyn. They forget the point man that helped revolutionize the dream-world and only remember Eames and his versatility. In which Arthur & Eames change the way dream-sharing works twiceover.
  114. The New Stuff by [ profile] foxxcub. Arthur is a paramedic stationed at a Chicago firestation. Eames is the reckless firefighter he tries to resist.
  115. The Only Thing by [ profile] knowmydark. A story about love, silence, and the surface of the sea.
  116. The Question Is Not Whether I Treat You Rudely... by [ profile] hackthis. "You rang; I came."
  117. The Red Lantern by [ profile] veritas_nescio. It's almost impossible to find your way home if an architect hasn't designed the layers, but having someone looking for you helps immensely.
  118. The Revolution Will Not Be Civilized by [ profile] the_ragnarok_d. Arthur is the son of the ruler, and an Omega male. Eames is leading the revolution. Which kidnaps Arthur. This is only the start of their problems.
  119. The Road Less Travelled by [ profile] butterflythread. You don't live long in the Capital Wasteland by making stupid mistakes. It only takes Eames a few days on the rough road to Megaton to remind Arthur that you don't get far not taking chances, either. (Fallout 3/post-apocalyptic AU)
  120. The Sake Games by [ profile] bookshop & [ profile] nqdonne. Sake, Arthur decided, was evil. And, by extension, was Saito, for bringing the sake.
  121. The Short Fuse and the Long Con by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur sleeps with men but won't give Eames the time of day, no matter how much Eames suggests he should.
  122. The Sweetest Thing by [ profile] foxxcub. Arthur thinks it should somehow freak him out, repulse him to think about Eames getting off to the thought of knocking him up. And doesn’t.
  123. The Thing Around Your Neck by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Dying gets easier the more often you do it, at least that's what Arthur is told.
  124. The Things You Learn When You Co-Habitate by [ profile] butterflythread. If Eames didn’t know any better, he’d assume the noises coming from the bedroom mean Arthur has decided to have a quick morning wank without him. He does know better, but the obvious noises of effort warrant investigation anyway.
  125. The Tunnel of Love by [ profile] cherrybina. Arthur and Eames go on what is definitely not a date, and end up trapped in a love tunnel ride with little pink disco lights flashing all over the place.
  126. The Vital Importance of Fangirls to One’s Love Life by [ profile] sirona_gs. Ultimate Survival AU (Man Vs Wild in the States). Follows the trials and tribulations of Eames trying to commit suicide by nature and Arthur tearing his hair out in the process. A judicious application of fangirl squee finally gets them to admit they might feel more for each other than a simple camera man/presenter relationship.
  127. The Waking Years by [ profile] weatherfront. After the Fischer inception, Eames goes back to work as an extractor, and Arthur joins his team. Due to circumstances involving a guy who may or may not be from Greenland, pop astrology, someone's broken limb, hormones, and convenience, they end up learning that love is what starts down below (and makes its way up your spine).
  128. The Warp and the Weft That Hold Life Together by [ profile] anamuan. (AU) After Mal dies Arthur moves in to help Cobb take care of the kids, Philipa starts at a new school with a new teacher Mr.Eames.
  129. The Works of Henri Marrionneaux né Eames by [ profile] andrealyn. Henri Marrionneaux is one of Arthur's favourite artists and Eames doesn't have a pinky's worth of beauty and talent compared to him, so sayeth the great river of Denial.
  130. The World, Double by [ profile] jibrailis. Saito has a new job for them. "You really are the dog that follows me home and pees on my shoes," Arthur says. Eames laughs and takes it as a compliment. "Ah, but I don't have to be a dog. I can be anything you want."
  131. The Wrath of the Whatever from High Atop the Thing by [ profile] amazingly_me. (AU) “Pictures of Dom tonight, Eames,” Yusuf replies from the doorway, “or I swear to you, I will point out to Arthur that he has a stalker with no shame and a thousand dollar camera.”
  132. There’s No Place Like Home by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. (AU) Cobb makes team captain his junior year. He’s never wanted anything more in his life than to play baseball, and now he gets to run a whole baseball team. 17 players, his plays, and he gets to lead them.
  133. These Fragments I Have Shored Against My Ruins by [ profile] aprettyaway. This is what his life has become: hotels and coffee and reveling in those few hours he has to himself. The French news lulls him to sleep, and Arthur thinks if he can just get through this job, then it will be over. If only.
  134. They’ll Find Our Bones Together by [ profile] sound_of_bells. (AU) Arthur and Eames, at the end of the world.
  135. Thieves by Tuesday by [ profile] fermine. 5 of Arthur’s domestic habits that didn’t surprise Eames.
  136. Thing Goes Here by [ profile] weatherfront. During eight hours in the warehouse on an ill-advised bet, Arthur discovers that Eames is a man with no scruples.
  137. Things Are Gonna Slide by [ profile] five_ht. Eames forges Satan for a job, and can't quite shake it when he wakes up. Arthur learns some things. A story of sex and weird mixed-up feelings (mostly sex).
  138. Things Were Kind of Heavy / We’re Glowing From Within by [ profile] delires. (Highschool AU) They meet in anger management class and when they don't hate each other, they bond over how fucking stupid people are.
  139. Third Star on the Right by [ profile] kellifer_fic. (AU) Space Pirates.
  140. Thirty Ways to Woo Arthur by [ profile] andrealyn. Arthur begins to notice a variety of small changes in Eames, which slowly start to amalgamate to have an effect on the way he looks at Eames and the way he lives his life.
  141. This Bed Is on Fire With Passionate Love by [ profile] fermine. Arthur is the one obsessed.
  142. This Could Be Our Reward by [ profile] five_ht. Arthur and Eames play 'Two Truths and a Lie' on a rooftop in Chicago. Somehow, it ends in bed, with Eames coaxing Arthur into two consecutive orgasms. Good times.
  143. This Fumble Has Become Biblical by [ profile] imogenediseaseIt starts with a fake ID.
  144. This Is All There Is, Roll the Dice by [ profile] wanderlight. A story about desire, fear, and Arthur's smile.
  145. This Is It Boys, This Is War by [ profile] skyvehicle. They have a long drive ahead of them.
  146. This Modern Love by [ profile] pyrimidine. (AU) Arthur is a robot.
  147. This New Sort of Mating Ritual by [ profile] knowmydark. Guys&Dolls!AU. Eames is the consummate gambler in New York who makes a bet that he can seduce anyone. Arthur is the uptight Mission-worker who, unfortunately, turns out to be that 'anyone'.
  148. This Night Is Winding Down But Time Means Nothing by [ profile] fermine. Band AU.
  149. This Sentimentality Doesn’t Look Good on Me by [ profile] eternalsojourn. Eames’s perfectly wonderful No Strings Attached arrangement with Arthur doesn’t quite go according to plan.
  150. This Time Tomorrow (Where Will We Be) by [ profile] smallacts. In which Arthur and Dom go on a journey of healing and discovery, and Eames is waiting for a train.
  151. This Unconscious Love by [ profile] andrealyn. (AU) They're meant to recruit a hypnotist to their ranks who can make anyone in the world love him. Arthur has the feeling they're in over their heads.
  152. Those Who Wait by [ profile] kiyala. “Lunch, Arthur. That’s all I’m asking.”
  153. Throw My Ticket out the Window by [ profile] aerographie. Arthur has always tried to keep business and pleasure separate, but nothing's ever simple when it comes to Eames.
  154. Till Death Do Us Part by [ profile] aimlesstravels. (AU) in which Eames is a ghost and Arthur is the stranger who's the only one who ever brings Eames flowers. Romance (of an odd sort) ensues.
  155. Tilt by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Eames is a movie star down on his luck. Arthur is the writer sent to interview him.
  156. Time Is the Mind (the Hand That Makes) by [ profile] traincar. in which arthur has cancer and a cat, and eames does not go to venice.
  157. To Achieve the Impossible Dream by Renay. He's not sleeping any time soon.
  158. To Begin by [ profile] knowmydark. It only takes one mistake to end things.
  159. To Capture, Conquer and Court by [ profile] toomuchplor. Lord Charles Eames plans to get revenge against Sir Dominic Cobb by stealing Cobb's intended bride, Lady Ariadne. Standing in his way is Mr. Arthur Sheldon, the girl's tutor and a reputed paragon of virtue.
  160. To Emerald City by [ profile] knowmydark. Twenty years on, Eames wants a second chance. Arthur believes it's already too late.
  161. To the Best of His Knowledge by [ profile] climb. It's a long, long haul.
  162. Totem by [ profile] lmeden. ”Are we dreaming?”
  163. Towards Zero by mirabella. Five levels down, and five to dig yourself back out. Arthur met Eames' projection long before he met Eames.
  164. Trickster by [ profile] wldnst. Eames is the trickster god of the Ho-Chunk Nation. Arthur is skeptical at best.
  165. Trouble With Dreams by [ profile] sparkledark. College AU in which Arthur is a cranky senior and Eames is a professor of Dream Psychology. 
  166. Trust by [ profile] blue_fish. When they man who hired them decides to spy on Arthur and Eames to see if they're betraying him, he witnesses a relationship he can't understand.
  167. Trust Is Knowing Where Your Mail Goes by [ profile] butterflythread. You can say 'I love you' in more than three words, and you don't even need to use the letter L.
  168. Twenty-Nine Candles / Anniversary by Renay. This is not the greatest birthday he's ever had.
  169. Twelve Inches by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames has a twelve-inch dick; Arthur: "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED."
  170. Two Halves by [ profile] kiyala. You wake up.
  171. Two Rounds, Wear Me Out by [ profile] five_ht. Slutty, submissive Arthur; multiple orgasms; fun had by all.

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