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one day, i'm going to look back on my life and fucking sob

  1. I Bet Nureyev Never Had to Deal With This Shit by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. In which Arthur is domestic, there is a series of unfortunate events, and firefighter Eames is called upon to save the day.
  2. I Don’t Need Another Map of Your Head by [ profile] lastling. when they analyse the solution a few days later, Yusuf swears and his mind pops up with the thought Oh, shit, how did that get in there? and Arthur wonders why he ever allowed himself to be a test dummy for the newer, stronger stuff Yusuf wanted to make for his dream basement.
  3. I Feel That the Therapy Is Coming Between Us by [ profile] sorrynotsorry. You appear to have a lot of unresolved aggression.
  4. I Howl When We’re Apart by [ profile] kiyala. In his dreams, Eames is a werewolf. And he has Arthur.
  5. I Need You (Like I Need a Hole in the Head) by [ profile] butterflythread. Killing each other was meant to be a game. Somewhere along the line, things got serious.
  6. I See You Left Your Blinker On by [ profile] reliablemachine. Jobs generally go well for Arthur, and he's not bragging or anything but he likes to attribute that level of success and reliability to his staunch attitude towards professionalism and preparedness — he works hard,really hard, he always has, and it has always paid off in the end, and that always makes it worth it for him.
  7. I Tremble by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. where Arthur is buried alive and Eames is looking for him.
  8. I Want to Be Where Your Heart Is Home by [ profile] smallacts. Nothing says I love you like breaking into your house and squatting there while you’re away.
  9. I Want You to Notice by [ profile] kellifer_fic. Arthur has a reputation. Eames has a crush.
  10. I’ll See You When the Sun Sets East (Don’t Forget Me) by [ profile] gyzym. He knows he is alone, and that he is not supposed to be alone, and that someone else is here. He knows he had a name, once. He knows he is looking for something.
  11. I’m Hanging Out on Monday (My Sunday Dreams to Dry) by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Eames and Arthur in the the rain and on the run. Set on the eve of Mal and Dom's wedding.
  12. I’m Sure They Took Full Advantage of the Housing Boom by [ profile] bookshop. In Albuquerque they break the bed.
  13. I’m With Stupid by [ profile] delires. This is probably the most ridiculous situation that Arthur has ever gotten into and so, unsurprisingly, Eames has a large part to play in getting him here...
  14. I’ve Got Nothing to Do Today But Smile (The Only Boy Living in New York) by [ profile] gyzym. (AU) Arthur's a corporate lawyer, Eames owns the coffee shop across the street, and all good love stories start with a quadruple shot latte.
  15. If You’re Just Playing Along, I Promise We’ll Be Fine by [ profile] foxxcub. The first mistake, he thinks, is to let Eames pick the bar.
  16. In Certain Light by [ profile] airgiodslv. This is the secret, he thinks. This is what Arthur keeps hidden.
  17. In Everything But Blood by [ profile] someidiothasice. He isn't a coward, per say. He just isn't sure he would like the answer.
  18. In the Line of Duty by [ profile] weatherfront. After he accidentally releases a magical set of porn DVDs, Arthur must become the Porncaptor that seals them back in order to save the world from some obscure disaster that won't even be mentioned yet. Eames, the guardian of the DVDs, is there to aid him in this quest. With his penis.
  19. In My Own Skin by [ profile] andrealyn. eames has been having a little technical difficulty with his switching.
  20. In Our Bedroom After the War by [ profile] papered. A role reversal where Arthur is the one pining after Eames.
  21. In Our Line of Work by [ profile] linckia_blue. Arthur wakes up and realizes the last ten years of his life have been a dream. He is nineteen, and he can barely remember where he is. What he can remember is the ghost of Eames’ hands pressed down on his chest trying frantically to stop the blood flooding up around his fingers as Arthur died (as he woke up).
  22. In the Space Between Them / Find Me Before It Rains / Nothing to Be Afraid Of by [ profile] linckia_blue. Ariadne watches Arthur and Eames. There is something there in the way they watch each other, in the way the lines of Arthur's back tense beneath his pinstriped suit when Eames flicks him, but she doesn’t know what she’s looking for.
  23. In You I Crash Cars by [ profile] five_ht. Arthur has a dirty talk/name-calling kink. Eames explores.
  24. Incipit by [ profile] thehoyden. (AU) Arthur has been his editor from the beginning. Eames says he won't work with anyone else, and what Arthur will never tell him is that he would cut anyone who tried.
  25. Information by [ profile] onthecount.
  26. Infornography by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur tails Robert Fischer, because it's his job.
  27. Innocent When You Dream by [ profile] wldnst. A fairytale in limbo.
  28. Iron Man by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames shows up at the next job with twenty extra pounds of muscle.
  29. It’s Automatic by [ profile] weatherfront. Beautiful, dirty, rich, ambitious, lost, found, running, chasing, young, immortal, out of time, out of breath, one summer, in Taipei, in love, so in love.
  30. It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine) by [ profile] fermine. domestic fic where they're living together, have just finished brushing their teeth, and go to bed and spoon.
  31. It’s Science / Bedtime Stories by [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) Arthur sits on his bed without a hint of awkwardness, backpack set beside him, unzipped and his textbooks sticking out the top and a pair of gym shorts visible stuffed down beside them.
  32. It’s Time, Meet Me by [ profile] onthecount. Eames finds the tape while he’s cleaning his flat in Salisbury, and he knows, immediately, what he’ll see. He puts it in his VCR anyway, and holds on to the ledge of the bookshelf.
  33. Jamais Vu by [ profile] thehoyden. "I'm not sure what this is supposed to prove," Arthur temporizes.
  34. Je Ne Veux Pas Travailler by [ profile] syllic. Arthur figures that if Eames just finally gets what he wants--Arthur's undivided attention--he'll get bored and go away. He's proven spectacularly wrong.
  35. Jesus Was a Crossmaker by [ profile] fermine. (AU) Arthur hitchhikes.
  36. JOB REQUIREMENTS by [ profile] mixtapestar. Arthur thinks Eames' flat is a mess. Eames has a solution for that.
  37. Kangaroos Are Arseholes by [ profile] butterflythread. Kangaroos are still arseholes.
  38. Kiss the Sun at Night by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur wants convenience. Eames wants something more. (That is, when he's not trying to get Arthur to sleep with him.)
  39. Know Thy Self, Know Thy Enemy by [ profile] airgiodslv. Eames looks at the photo on the table and wonders what the hell Arthur’s gotten himself into.
  40. Knucklebones by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur loses his totem.
  41. Kobayashi Maru by [ profile] hackthis. "Eames is in Mombasa." Arthur knows that those four words are nothing more to Cobb than a location. A factual reply.
  42. Lay Your Head Down by [ profile] fermine. Eames gets himself badly beaten up by someone, Arthur's flat/hotel room is the closest refuge.
  43. Lay Your Siege by [ profile] gyzym. (AU) Haven't you been paying attention? This is a war story.
  44. Laying Claim by [ profile] laceymcbain. “Arthur, you've rung me at 2:30 in the bloody morning from Soho where you appear to be on a street corner and shirtless, possibly drugged. I've no doubt you're capable of handling yourself under normal circumstances, but drunken blokes aren't always the most understanding sort, especially when you're not actually selling what you look like you're selling.”
  45. Leading With My Heart by [ profile] acidpop25. Arthur may be asexual, but he and Eames are in love all the same.
  46. Leave the Children Behind by [ profile] weatherfront. In deserts, wheat fields, and rose gardens, Eames finds Arthur and shakes off the remnants of war. AU, very vaguely based on The Little Prince.
  47. Left and Leaving by [ profile] pyrimidine. Time Traveler’s Wife AU.
  48. Legerdemain by [ profile] delires & [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur consults his watch. Ah, the MTA, he thinks, as fickle and unpredictable as always.
  49. Les Jeux Son Faits by [ profile] tequilideas. There are only a handful of stupid things Arthur has done in his life and one of those things is Eames.
  50. Lest You Tread by [ profile] butterflythread. (Equilibrium AU) Arthur is a Grammaton cleric. Eames is a sense offender.
  51. Let It Run by [ profile] maybe77. College/Rowing AU.
  52. Let Me Be Your Man by [ profile] reliablemachine. Eames holding Arthur's hand while the team is having a meeting.
  53. Let Not My Love Be Called Idolatry by [ profile] toomuchplor. Arthur breaks all the rules of American high school films, as though he’s never even heard of John Hughes, and Eames can’t decide if, given the choice, he wouldn’t rather just become Arthur instead of having the chance to be with him.
  54. Life Among Islands by [ profile] wldnst. (AU). Ariadne needs a vacation. So does Arthur, but he doesn't know it yet.
  55. Life in Virtual Reality by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. ‘Reality’s creeping into your dreams, Eames. Your security’s going to be ruined if you can’t get rid of me.' Eames finds himself haunted by projections of Arthur.
  56. Lifeline by [ profile] climb. ❝The life of every man is a diary / in which he means to write / one story, and writes another; and his humblest hour is / when he compares the volume as it is with / what he vowed to make it.❞
  57. Lilies in the Field by [ profile] jeannedecarnin. Eames needs saving, badly. Arthur saves him.
  58. Like a Bullet in the Back by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is accidentally shrunken to pocket-size. Arthur is forced to take care of him.
  59. Like That, Just Like That by [ profile] cherrybina. Arthur bent over the side of the bed, fingering himself, while Eames sits in a chair across the room and masturbates. They wait until they absolutely cannot resist anymore before they let themselves touch each other.
  60. Limbo of Vanity by [ profile] veritas_nescio. Coda set two months after the movie. Three weeks to make a man believe in God, three levels down to reach purgatory; this is what it takes for an enigma to unravel a paradox.
  61. Lions and Tigers by [ profile] starlingthefool. A story about growing up, sort of.
  62. Little Beast by [ profile] knowmydark. Us against the world.
  63. Little Beasts (we can’t punch ourselves awake by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. I couldn't get the boy to kill me, but I wore his jacket for the longest time. - Siken
  64. Little Cat Feet by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Arthur turns into a cat. Eames kind of freaks out about it.
  65. Little House of Savages by [ profile] fermine. dealing with falling for each other, not really knowing what to do, screwing things up in the process of trying to have a relationship.
  66. Living, Loving and Blowing Shit Up by [ profile] kiyala. (AU) Eames shares a flat with Yusuf, who uses micropipettes to add milk to his tea. Eames falls in love with the American exchange student and drags him into this happy mess, with experiments in the kitchen and cats all over the place.
  67. Loaded Die and Fake Poker Chip by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Eames has the self-possession of the profoundly wealthy aristocrat, the sort of individual normally consigned in this era to the pages of historical fiction.
  68. Lois Lane Had It Easy by calliglad. He looks to Arthur, who’s already looking at him, who looks like he’s been looking at him for a long time. He looks tired. Like maybe he’s been looking too long.
  69. Losing Faith by [ profile] acidpop25. Arthur is going to have Eames' child. And then he wakes up.
  70. Love, Anterior to Life by [ profile] night_reveals. Running long and narrow through the Malá Strana, Prague, is a street named Vlašská.
  71. Love in the Time of Marmite by [ profile] sirona_gs & [ profile] weatherfront. (AU) Arthur-is-a-magical-chef fic. Basically. And then there's Eames. And Marmite. But this is mainly a story about Love, always about Love.
  72. Love Is a Doing Word by [ profile] traincar. mallorie cobb plays a pivotal role in her own demise. she is lovely and deceitful and too curious for her own good, particularly after arthur and eames spend a lifetime in limbo. maybe all she wants is what they have, even if they don't want it for themselves.
  73. Love on a Wire by [ profile] smallacts. Whatever life Dom had in America, he’s left it behind as thoroughly as Arthur, and neither of them ever push the other for their life stories. Arthur likes to think that it’s because he and Dom agree about why everything that came before doesn’t really matter. That they both know their lives began when they met Eames and Mal.
  74. Love You Much Better / The Proper Care & Feeding of Young Mr. Eames by [ profile] andrealyn. Thanks to Yusuf, Arthur's new job has become 'make sure Eames doesn't cause a riot'.
  75. Love Your Little Motions by [ profile] five_ht. Eames educates a 16-year-old Arthur on why having things in his ass can be fun.
  76. Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Eames finds a pair of shoes that remind him so strongly of Arthur he has to buy them. It's a pair of knock-off Louboutins, and it turns out they're just the right size.
  77. Made With Love by [ profile] onthecount. Eames has a magical, unexplainable power.
  78. Make a Home From a Rented House by [ profile] smallacts. Arthur doesn’t quite know when renting a house in Westchester and pretending to be in a civil union with Eames came to constitute "lying-low" but however it happened, he wants a do-over.
  79. Maya by [ profile] ethrosdemon. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Except that's complete and total rubbish.
  80. Maybe Arthur by [ profile] smallacts. In which Eames embarks on a campaign of seduction and Arthur mostly just wants someone to hang out with other than Cobb.
  81. Maybe I’m Already Crazy by [ profile] foxxcub. (AU) Eames broods and hates everything and everyone. Except his English class. Except for his gorgeous, brilliant English teacher.
  82. Maybe You and I Will Find Love by [ profile] traincar. eames finds out, quite easily, that everything has changed.
  83. Men Prefer Schoolgirls. by [ profile] andrealyn. eames learned all his useful skills about being a woman back when he was young and could still pass for a drag queen in the bars of london. and that's where arthur first meets sammy.
  84. Merry Christmas, Darling by [ profile] mixtapestar. Arthur receives a vague email from Eames. Did you just email me a virus?
  85. MIA by [ profile] delires. Eames disappearing without a trace and Arthur being lost because of it.
  86. Moment of Inertia by [ profile] knowmydark. For no apparent reason, Arthur begins to hunt down his former teammates from the Fischer job - all except for Eames.
  87. More Maps Than Books by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) It’s only the first day of tour, and the van already smells like swamp fungus.
  88. Motorbike Porn by [ profile] butterflythread. There are three things Arthur wants right after a tense getaway: a smoke, a shower, and a stiff drink. A fuck comes in a poor fourth on that list, so it surprises Arthur when Eames slides a gloved hand over his before he can kill the bike’s engine. (+ comment!fic)
  89. Mr. Eames & by [ profile] wldnst. Eames obsessively tracks a young adult series that may or may not be based on his life.
  90. Mr. Eames, in the Library, With a Stake by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. JAZZ-AGE VAMPIRE HUNTERS
  91. Mr. Eames and Mr. Eames by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Eames orders a mail order bride and gets Arthur.
  92. Mushrooms From Toadstools by [ profile] amazingly_me. “It is possible I never actually understood what hatred was until I met you, Eames,” Arthur says, trying his best to mean it and getting almost halfway there.
  93. Mutually-Assured Seduction by [ profile] laceymcbain. Ariadne and Yusuf make a bet, Arthur and Eames have an agreement, and Cobb is pleasantly oblivious to what's going on.
  94. My Big Fat Slightly Annoying Wedding by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur and Eames elope for ~tax reasons. Certain people in their lives are not happy at the lack of a wedding.
  95. My Kind’s Your Kind by [ profile] smallacts. (AU) “This isn’t something we do, Eames. It’s something we are.” (see also the Arthur/Dom prequel: The Suffering Years)
  96. My Paranoid Valentine by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames can't help it. He's never seen Arthur die before.
  97. My Religion Is You by [ profile] maybe77. (AU) Eames convinces priest!Arthur to break his vows.
  98. Naked Lunch by [ profile] jibrailis. Eames makes a wish for Arthur to be naked always. To Arthur's displeasure, it actually comes true.
  99. Never So Safe As I Am With You by [ profile] linckia_blue. Arthur has better subconscious security than anyone in the world. It’s notoriously impossible to steal a secret from him. Unless, of course, you’re Eames.
  100. Never Wanted the Nice Boys Anyway by [ profile] foxxcub. (AU) “Eames, I don’t know what dictionary you’re working out of, but my definition of ‘favor’ does not entail asking someone you despise to play escort to your family’s Christmas party.”
  101. Nice Shoes, Wanna-- by [ profile] pyrimidine. One night after a job the gang goes out for drinks and some twerpy college kids start to make fun of Eames' outfit. Eames laughs it off and ignores it, but Arthur can see he's a little embarrassed. Which makes Arthur RAAAGE, because only Arthur can make fun of Eames' terrible clothes!
  102. Night Work by [ profile] sorrynotsorry. (AU) Arthur is a porn blogger, Eames is a smooth operator, and Yusuf is bordering on psychic.
  103. No Discipline of Forgetting by [ profile] wanderlight. Arthur forgets; Eames waits.
  104. No Map to the Road of You by [ profile] dialectical. Eames realizes that he's in love. During sex.
  105. No One Keeps a Secret by [ profile] acidpop25. Blair's wayward older brother returns to the Upper East Side.
  106. No One’s Going to Take Me Alive by [ profile] delires. Before he ever worked with Cobb, Arthur always used to work with Eames.
  107. Nobody Knew Me at Home Anymore by [ profile] linckia_blue. The thing about best friends in a small town is that you don’t get to choose. Instead, you get exactly the person you need. It goes that way with Arthur and Eames. Maybe it’s because both of them aren’t made for small town life, not at all, and so instead of growing to fit the town, they grow to fit together.
  108. Nobody’s Little Weasel by [ profile] wldnst. His final year of university, Eames finds a notebook in the dining hall.
  109. Not As Long As Anger Grows by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) They get back to the castle dirty and tired, but Eames won’t let Arthur do anything but draw him a bath.
  110. Nothing Can Hold Me When I Hold You by [ profile] someidiothasice. "A letterman's jacket? Who the hell do you think you are, Danny Zuko?"
  111. Nothing Happens by [ profile] onthecount. Arthur is not the first one to text. It's five AM on the island and Eames is already drinking. Still drinking.
  112. Nothing More Dangerous Than a Boy With Charm by [ profile] agenttrojie. When Arthur tells Cobb to hire Eames (which he will), he’s also going to tell him to keep a fucking tight leash on him, because talent or not (and it is phenomenal talent, the best Arthur’s seen), Eames is quite capable of making himself a liability.
  113. Nothing’s Gonna Change My World / Alternate Universes Cannot Stop True Love; All They Can Do Is Delay It for a While by [ profile] smallacts. No matter how many times Eames points out the strangeness of this place, no matter how hard and long he focuses on all the details that are wrong, nothing is shaking, nothing is coming loose. If he was really dreaming, he’d know it by now. This is something else, something he can’t just wake up from.
  114. November Like a Train Wreck by [ profile] fermine. it may have just been a moment to you, but it changed every single one that followed for me.
  115. Number One With a Bullet by cherryvanilla. A Prohibition era AU with Fighter!Eames and Gangster!Arthur
  116. Occupational Hazard by [ profile] bronson. The Inception job had sapped the energy from the entire team. Yusuf went back to Mombgasa, Cobb never dreamed again now that he had his family back, and Saito returned to his high-rise buildings and his buff Swiss bank account and they never heard from him ever again.
  117. Of Coffee and Crosswords by [ profile] traincar. one of them is other's emergency contact. they don't know, until they do.
  118. Of Such Deceitfulness and Suavity by [ profile] delires. They have just been torn apart by Cobb’s projections.
  119. Of Thorns and Roses by [ profile] reliablemachine. The team play out Sleeping Beauty on a job where their mark is into fairy tales, but Eames ends up incepting himself to only wake up after being kissed by his true love (Arthur, obviously).
  120. Office Holiday Party by [ profile] sekkritbandlj. (AU) Eames doesn't do stuffy Christmas parties.
  121. Oh, What a Bargain / Such Was Our Calling by [ profile] addandsubtract. Eames isn’t running, exactly, but he’s not dawdling, either. He’s got his hands in the pocket of his ratty wool coat, the navy blue one he had with him when he left home, and he’s got the mark’s wallet pressed between his pointer and middle fingers. He’s learning. He’s still got the black eye from the last lesson, but he’s learning.
  122. Omerta by [ profile] delires. Arthur has been sent to make sure Eames takes care of things.
  123. On the Curve by [ profile] butterflythread. Arthur is a sixteen year-old academic prodigy. Eames is a professor.
  124. One Could Be Forgiven by [ profile] calliglad. Eames secretly hates working jobs with Ariadne, because they always end up working out of Paris, so that she can still attend classes, and Eames hates Paris. Hates it with a passion so bigoted and without foundation that he suspects he inherited it.
  125. One Like My Ivory Virgin by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is a sculptor who falls in love with a sculpture of his that comes to life.
  126. One Simple Idea by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur and Eames get handcuffed together. Chaos, grumpy!Arthur, and blowjobs ensue. In that order.
  127. One Time for Your Mind by [ profile] bookshop. As if everything else about this job isn't fucked up enough, the mark has an earworm.
  128. One-Track Mind (We Got a Skin-on-Skin Thing, Baby) by [ profile] agenttrojie. Arthur decides he needs to teach Eames the point of sticking to the plan. With the flat of his hand.
  129. One Week by [ profile] duckgirlie & [ profile] weatherfront. Eames needs to be more careful about where he leaves his notes.
  130. Only Feel Where Our Bodies Meet by [ profile] cherrybina. jailbait!Arthur being fucked for the first time by Eames, who's happy like a pig in mud that he's going to pop Arthur's cherry.
  131. Only Way Left From Here by [ profile] knowmydark. The problem with being the best forger in the business is that losing yourself becomes second nature to you.
  132. Or The Blood That Rose Into the Silence by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) “Bloody hell,” Eames says. “Arthur, tell me you’re lying to me.” They’re in the W.C., the wheel turned all the way closed, halfway to the pilot’s quarters, and Arthur’s bleeding.
  133. Origin Stories by [ profile] laceymcbain. The story of how Eames and Arthur meet is one of the great legends of the dream-sharing profession. In it, there's a dark alley, a foreign country, a bar, a punch in the face, a loaded die, a poker chip, a three-piece suit, and a kiss. Not necessarily in that order. And not necessarily all the time.
  134. Our Little Sexton Sings / OLSS AU by [ profile] night_reveals. (AU) The stables are all Arthur has known for many years, and though he wasn't born a servant he expects to die one -- at least until the lord of the manor's favored son, Eames, takes a liking to pushing Arthur to his knees.

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