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  1. Unbreakable by [ profile] kiyala. Eames finds out that Arthur feels calm when he's in pain.
  2. Under Any Other Flag by [ profile] butterflythread. (AU) They'll fly under an Imperial flag for now, but heaven help the skies when they change their minds.
  3. Undress Me in the Temple Electric by [ profile] jibrailis. (AU) Arthur is an ex-model and Eames is Vegas card dealer. Arthur wants Eames to help him with a con.
  4. Unexpected Plot Twist by [ profile] ethrosdemon. Arhur doesn't take calls from numbers that aren't in his phone. His voicemail is set up to automatically delete when full. That being said, this incoming call is a blocked number, which immediately piques his interest.
  5. Unforgiven by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames is dead. Arthur goes out for revenge.
  6. Untitled by [ profile] pyrimidine. small scenes in which Eames's appearance keeps changing and Arthur is like, wtf.
  7. Untitled by [ profile] pyrimidine. You know that thing where a woman drops something down her cleavage, well Eames does it with something Arthur absolutely needs, but down his pants.
  8. Untitled by [ profile] amazingly_me. Daycare!AU!
  9. Untitled by [ profile] airgiodslv. (Black Jewels Crossover AU) There’s enough dark power rolling out from the door to the library to warn Arthur both of who’s inside and of the occupant’s current mood.
  10. Untitled / Untitled, redux by [ profile] helenish. Arthur, extraordinarily capable by any standard, is not exactly built for certain types of subterfuge.
  11. Untitled by [ profile] butterflythread. Vampire Academy AU. (with backstory comment!fic by abuseofreason!)
  12. Untitled by [ profile] butterflythread. Arthur is twenty-four years old when he cashes his first million dollar paycheck. This doesn't surprise Eames. What does surprise him is the fact that instead of some meticulously researched investment properties or something equally pragmatic, Arthur buys a car.
  13. Untitled by [ profile] bookshop. Arthur likes, Arthur hates, Arthur hopes.
  14. Untitled by [ profile] dialectical. (AU) Random cat boy kiss in the rain.
  15. Untitled by [ profile] onthecount. There's a bad fight--three of them, actually.
  16. Wait and Know the Coming of a Little Love by [ profile] maybe77. (High School AU) As Eames’ mother’s alcoholism worsens, he takes it out on his next-door neighbor, Arthur.
  17. Waiting On by [ profile] thehoyden. (AU) "French toast, pancakes, steak and eggs -- I could make you anything in the world, pet, but no. Egg-white omelette, morning after morning. It shows a distinct lack of imagination."
  18. Waiting on a Love Like This by [ profile] reliablemachine. (AU) Eames is a college kid that works late-night at an In-N-Out close to the beach (alternately, any fast-food chain or Denny's). Arthur's the high school kid who walks in one night, after Prom with his friends, and steals Eames's heart.
  19. Wake Me Up Daily, Don’t Need No Starbucks by [ profile] butterflythread. So they've been dancing around the UST between them forever, of course, with no end in sight.... and then one day, in or out of a job, Arthur inadvertently calls Eames "baby" and blows every circuit in Eames' box.
  20. Walk a Crooked Mile by [ profile] battleofhydaspe. 'He was killed with a Webley-Fosbery, wasn’t he?'
  21. Want Me More Than Others by [ profile] kellifer_fic. He doesn’t present the key to his apartment in a gift box with a ribbon around it. Instead when they’re sharing a smoke in Lille, Arthur tucks the cigarette into the corner of his mouth, digs into his pocket for his key ring and snaps the spare off. He says, “Here, you might as well have this,” as smoke escapes around the words and through his lips.
  22. Want You Right Now, Darling by [ profile] meiface. In which unexpected side effects have left Eames incapable of uttering the word "darling" without rendering himself an irresistible object of lust to everyone except Arthur. Arthur is not pleased. Also, Cobb wants to write a book.
  23. We Both Go Down Together. by [ profile] fermine. 5 times Eames kissed Arthur and 1 time Arthur kissed him.
  24. We Can Do This Until We Pass Out / Masterpost by [ profile] delires. They meet at this club in Soho. That’s Soho, London, not NYC. If it were NYC, Arthur would have better fucking places to go than G-A-Y. But it’s not, and he doesn’t.
  25. We Should Be Whispering All the Time by [ profile] tequilideas. I feel morally obligated to state for the record that I think this is a terrible idea,” Eames says. “I think dating co-workers is a terrible, catastrophic, Roland Emmerich-level disaster kind of idea.” Yusuf snorts. “You only say that because Arthur dumped you.”
  26. We Used to Wait by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. The first time Dominick Cobb meets Arthur, he is 22 and the boy is 14. The last time Eames meets him, he is 34 and Arthur is 29.
  27. We Walk the Same Path (But Got on Different Shoes by [ profile] lastling. (AU) in which arthur recruits eames to "inception industries", an assassination company.
  28. We Were Once Cinema Gods by [ profile] gyzym. (AU) That's the thing about Hollywood--everyone has a Hollywood story.
  29. We Will Find a Shelter by [ profile] helloclock. Eames thinks he's helping Arthur make amends with an ex. Who knows why Arthur thought Eames was the best choice for the job. Head injury, maybe.
  30. We’ll Always Have Motel 6 by [ profile] laceymcbain. “No, Arthur, we can stay here at the Motel 6 forever. I'll get a job washing dishes and parking cars, and you can start as a busboy and work your way up to night manager. We'll stay here in Room 13, living on take-away Chinese and love, and never, ever have to leave.”
  31. We’ll Meet Again, Mr. Bond by [ profile] andrealyn. Arthur wishes that just once, he'd be let to play James Bond instead of just holding the keys for the car.
  32. We’ll Sit and Wait for the Stars to Take Hold by [ profile] knowmydark. “There’s nothing else,” Arthur grits out against Eames’ shoulder. “We’re boxed in and we’re two guns to twenty-three."
  33. We’re Always Kickin’ Back by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) “Wait, so, you’ve really never smoked a spliff before?’ Eames is squinting down at Robert, who is giggling quietly on the floor. He manages to shake his head, covering his mouth with one hand.
  34. We’re Just Amateur Lovers and Amateur Friends by [ profile] la_victorienne. There might be a reason Eames doesn't know what Arthur's totem is.
  35. Wearing Down the Rough Edges by [ profile] kellifer_fic. Arthur and Eames move in together.
  36. Welcoming Back From the Ocean by [ profile] wldnst. The team disbands and Eames becomes a lobsterman. One day, he shoots a seal.
  37. Weltschmerz by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. How to come to terms with the unsatisfactory nature of physical reality.
  38. Werner Herzog Reads Dreamshare by [ profile] weatherfront. ...Thus it becomes clear, even to the uninitiated observer, that the world of shared dreaming is a rejection of civilization itself. (i would say don’t read it if only because IFRIT SHOULDN’T BE ENCOURAGED. but.)
  39. What Happens at Camp Pine Ridge (Stays at Camp Pine Ridge) by [ profile] reliablemachine. It's the middle of summer, second week of July, and Eames's campers are totally out of control.
  40. What I Did on My Summer Vacation by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Jet skis and a fight scene.
  41. What’s a Little Contract Hit Between Friends? by [ profile] laceymcbain. Arthur (accidentally) puts out a hit on Eames.
  42. What’s the Time, Mr. Wolff? by [ profile] kiyala. Eames is a master thief, and Arthur is the jaded son of a rich businessman, stuck in a life he doesn't want. On a heist to steal artwork from Arthur's family home, Eames steals Arthur instead, and leads him into the world of shared dreaming. Finding their places in the world as mind criminals is easy. Figuring out how they fit together—and understanding themselves along the way—is not.
  43. When I Grew Up by [ profile] aimlesstravels. Phillipa Marjorie Cobb is eleven years old the first time she sees her Uncle Arthur break down and cry. She's eleven and a half the first time he makes her cry.
  44. When the Sun Rises, Tell Me You’ll Still Be Here by [ profile] onthecount. Arthur has a secret, and letters are exchanged.
  45. When Two Suns Are Shining (the battle becomes blinding) by [ profile] knowmydark. Arthur and Eames have a special arrangement: whenever a hit is placed on either of them, the other takes the job to keep him from getting killed.
  46. When We Swam by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Cobb gets a lesson about Buddhist theology, Arthur always needs to be 17 moves ahead, and Eames doesn't know why.
  47. Where All the Roads Lead by [ profile] knowmydark. Eames resorts to drastic measures to convince Arthur to go on holiday.
  48. Where I Intended to Be by [ profile] amazingly_me. (AU) 'Oh Arthur,' his mother says rapturously after Arthur has escaped the ill intentions of the second magician andbeen singled out for embarrassment by Lord Godfrey’s steward through no fault of his own, 'I always hoped one of my sons would be a Heroic Archetype!'
  49. Where Once Our Bodies Lay by [ profile] starlingthefool. (AU) And from my tenth floor tenement, where once our bodies lay, how I longed to hear you say: No, they'll never catch us now.
  50. Where the Wild Things Are by [ profile] aestheticized. (AU) eames is a werewolf. arthur is a vampire.
  51. Wherever You Will Be (That’s Where I’ll Call Home) aka domesticverse by [ profile] gyzym. People you kiss in an airport baggage claim and then don't talk to for thirteen months shouldn't be able to exist, let alone make your chest do the things Arthur's chest is doing. There are rules. (for the latest additions to this verse, check out the tag.)
  52. Who Seems Most Kingly by [ profile] mixtapestar. (AU) Prince Eames meets his new servant boy.
  53. Why Don’t We Do It in the Road by [ profile] sometimesalways. Just your ordinary stake-out.
  54. Window Born to Be Broken by [ profile] wldnst. Eames is a romance novelist. There is a very pretty man in the window across from his new apartment.
  55. With the Perfect Armour (with a perfect dream) by [ profile] knowmydark. A story about lost chances and rediscovering them. Arthur goes to Limbo to search for Eames.
  56. With a Rifle or a Gun by [ profile] addandsubtract. There are many things that Arthur knows about himself with certainty – he’s a damn good shot, he’s allergic to artificial grape flavoring, he can’t stand tiny, rat-shaped dogs – but what probably gives him the most trouble is how terrible an actor he is. And he knows this.
  57. With Regard to Shadowboxers by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur and Eames sabotage each other's jobs-- until they can't anymore. Or: How Arthur and Eames Learned to Stop Worrying and Make Their Own Form of Social Capital.
  58. Words, Words, Words by [ profile] andrealyn. (AU) Arthur teaches English at Saito Prep and life would be so much easier without resident drama teacher, Mr. Eames. It would also be far less fun and involve far less wooing.
  59. World’s Afire by [ profile] lmeden. (AU) Arthur is standing in his small apartment, a long match in his hand, blazing with light at its tip, when it begins.
  60. Worth by [ profile] climb. When Death shares her secret with you, then it's time.
  61. Worth the Postage by [ profile] amazingly_me.
  62. Write Your Name on the Dotted Line by [ profile] jibrailis. Arthur and Eames are older, and they have never had sex in their own skin.
  63. Y Los Chicos, Se Están Besando by [ profile] recrudescence. It’s a combination of gratefulness and the Pride footage showing on one of the café’s televisions that has Arthur announcing, “I could marry you so hard right now.”
  64. Yesterday Was Morning Sex, Today Is Spanking, Tomorrow Is Shower Porn, And Waking Up In Vegas Comes Afterwards / There’s Nowhere to Go But Down (and you’re coming with me) by [ profile] butterflythread. Eames like waking Arthur up with sex. Sometimes this leads to more sex. And dirty talk. And spanking. And Arthur agreeing to go case tables in Las Vegas.
  65. You Are Not Allowed to Follow Me by [ profile] bronson. During the taxi cab shoot-out scene, it's Eames that gets shot, not Saito.
  66. You Can’t Deny You Want the Happy Ending by [ profile] smallacts. (AU) Or (500) days of Eames.
  67. You Clicked Your Heels and Wished for Me by [ profile] someidiothasice. This is nothing like the cartoons, or the post-its, or the clay figurines left for him like little prizes out of crackerjack boxes. This is special. This is personal, for the both of them.
  68. You Don’t Know What It’s Been Like (Meeting Someone Like You) by [ profile] papered. Eames' love of patterns includes his boxers. Smiley faces, hundred dollar bills, rocket ships, dinosaurs, paisley, lipstick mouth prints, tweed pattern, flames, zebra stripes, rainbows, Union Jack, just anything ridiculous, and Arthur is all WTAF IS WRONG WITH YOU. And Eames is like, UM, OKAY, IT'S JUST UNDERWEAR, and to spite Arthur he wears a pair of really form-fitting black boxer-briefs one day and Arthur is like HNNNNNNNNGH *_____*
  69. You Had Me Hooked at Cthulhu by [ profile] onthecount. (AU) How YouTube almost, maybe, possibly ruined Arthur’s life and improved Eames’ one thousand times over.
  70. You Know I Would by [ profile] staraflur. (High school AU) “Besides,” Eames goes on, “I think we already established that I’m not most kids. I can remind you, if you’ve forgot.”
  71. You May Find Yourself Living in a Shotgun Shack by [ profile] maybe77. Arthur tries a little self-help, dreamspace style.
  72. You’ll Be So Pristine by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. Arthur gets a tattoo on his wrist and tries to hide it. Eames finds out and becomes obsessed with it.
  73. You’re in a Maze by [ profile] andrealyn. Ariadne glimpses two sides of a story half-told.
  74. You’re the One I’ve Been Dreaming of, You See by [ profile] papered. When he walks into his dark hotel room, there is an unexpected, human-shaped lump on the bed.
  75. You’re Waiting for a Stranger by [ profile] mixtapestar. (AU) Arthur's plans for his life are very detailed and predictable, just the way he likes it... until Eames comes along.
  76. You’ve Got the Touch by [ profile] addandsubtract. (AU) Eames wipes the blood away from the corner of his mouth. Arthur doesn’t regret punching him at all.
  77. Zugunruhe by [ profile] weatherfront. The things that they are too afraid to want.

ok fine no it isn't. the following are comment!fics that I've really enjoyed (and if you've gone through everything up to this point, YOU PROBABLY WILL TOO :D)

  1. (Dis)arm Me, Darling by anonymous. Love is not a victory march.
  2. Arthur owns a chocolaterie & Eames is secretly on the run. by [ profile] cobweb_diamond. the porn AU where Eames is a new star and Arthur is his fluffer
  3. Clarity Which Clouds My Mind by [ profile] joanses. based on Mumford & Sons’ Winter Winds.
  4. Early Returns by anonymous. Newspaper AU.
  5. Hello, I Love You, Won’t You Tell Me Your Name by [ profile] eleveninches. Many people, Eames would find out later, assumed Eames had wanted Arthur from the moment they'd met. It was true Arthur was devestatingly attractive, but in all honesty, the first thing Eames had thought when he'd met Arthur was, Why did Cobb bring his son? (Or: It's all about trust.)
  6. I’m the Man Who Loves You (Inside and Out) by [ profile] five_ht. belly rubs!
  7. J. Crew AU by [ profile] foxxcub. (not comment!fic, but not!fic. with pictures! delicious sweatervest pictures.)
  8. Just a Little Touch by [ profile] avocado_love. In this AU, the world is with tops and bottoms (instead of male/female) people become soul-mates once they have sex with their One True Love. D/s is optional, but it's like once a bottom gets a taste of their soul-mate, it's like the perfect union and the top's cock is like a syringe full of heroin and the other can never get enough of it.
  9. Like a Trick of Light (i thought i could move on) by [ profile] two_if_by_sea. Arthur sees their relationship as a business transaction -- the exchange of pleasure for pleasure. Eames has always been in love with Arthur, but he'd rather have Arthur this way than not at all.
  10. Love Blurts by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames takes a job with Cobb and Arthur’s competition.
  11. Lifestyle Change by [ profile] airgiodslv. “Cobb, what did I tell you about babysitting?” Arthur says calmly. “Call me when they’re old enough to solve a Rubik’s cube.”
  12. Marigolds by [ profile] writteninhaste. every year on Arthur's birthday Eames gives him the same gift.
  13. Not Necessarily the Best Policy by [ profile] five_ht. A mistake in one of Yusuf's chemicals makes Arthur blurt all of his thoughts out loud. Including the dirty ones. The very, very dirty ones. About Eames.
  14. Reject the Null Hypothesis by [ profile] five_ht. Buttplugs? It's just porn, really.
  15. Saving People, Hunting Things by [ profile] ethrosdemon. AU, where they (or one of them are) Ghostbusters or Hunters or something like that. Dealing with the supernatural. SAVING PEOPLE.
  16. Swallow (1 2 3) by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur... is a very slutty drunk p.s. KEEP SCROLLING.
  17. The Day They Broke Arthur by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur is a hardcore badass, not a princess. However one day when working on a project, Arthur faints (maybe from working to hard and forgetting to you know, eat and sleep or whatever angle anon wants to go). Eames and Cobb instantly start fighting over whose job it is to take care of him (Eames playing the boyfriend card and Cobb using the BFF brother card). Of course while their fighting, the others are actually trying to figure out what's wrong with him.
  18. The Mating Dance of Wide-Eyed Thieves by [ profile] weatherfront. Eames draws a rise from Arthur, and Arthur draws blood from Eames. Ariadne wonders what it's all about, because she's the only one that knows how to wonder.
  19. The One With the Pancakes by [ profile] eleveninches. Instead of warning Eames off Arthur, I want a fill where Cobb actually gives him pointers.
  20. The Twist by [ profile] chibi_lurrel. Handwaving chemistry makes Arthur smell totally fuckable. So everyone fucks him.
  21. Thing by [ profile] pointwoman. (Toddler!AU) Eames absolutely knows that he is gonna marry Arthur when they grown up
  22. Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. Eames gets jealous of Arthur’s vibrator.
  23. Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. "I think," said Cobb, sounding defeated, "we're going to need Eames for this."
  24. Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. In hindsight, Dom should have realized something was up the first time he witnessed Arthur laugh at something Eames said.
  25. Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. It wasn’t Victor’s fault the job ended up being a set-up by the mark’s ex-wife. It certainly wasn’t Victor’s fault when Arthur, the point man he had borrowed for this job, was shot in the shoulder, going down without so much as a cry of pain. However, it was Victor’s fault when the c4 he’d had his architect, Hee Young, plant in the office also blew up the hospital next door -- the hospital he’d intended on taking Arthur to once they’d disposed of the men trying to kill them.
  26. Untitled by [ profile] eleveninches. They were working on perfecting Ariadne's penrose stairs (which she still maintained was the coolest thing ever) when Arthur turned to her and asked, "Do you think Eames is hot?"
  27. Untitled. by [ profile] airgiodslv. (Werewolf AU) Trust Arthur to know how to handle lycanthropes, just like he knows how to handle bloody everything else.
  28. Untitled by [ profile] bronson. Eames is a mechanic. Arthur has a fancy car.
  29. What Doesn’t Kill You by [ profile] airgiodslv. (Double genderswap) She hates that they’re even talking about this. She hates that Eames has seen her stabbed, shot and disemboweled, but this is still an issue, still something to be addressed.
  30. You’re Waiting for an Orgasm by [ profile] weatherfront. Arthur is inflicted by a "Have sex or Die" poison. Everyone fights to be the one to save him.
  31. You’ve Got a Smile That Could Light up This Whole Town by [ profile] someidiothasice. Arthur is the popular kid. Drama student Eames pines.

...........and well. since i have you. MORE.

REC LIST OF AUTHORS (AKA authors who have written awesome non-A/E-centric fics):
or: WE GET IT, YOU REALLY LIKE THESE WRITERS. my heart wants what it wants, you guys.

[ profile] acidpop25 -- Until Our Marrows Mix. Cobb/Mal. (Cheating and adding a second, Gen rec because omg STAR TREK AU *_* Spaceman Said Everybody Look Down.)
[ profile] bookshop -- I Guess We’ll Just Have to Adjust. Gen
[ profile] bronson -- All Your Theories Turn to Dust. Cobb/Eames
[ profile] chibi_lurrel -- The Uses of Sorrow. Arthur/Robert
[ profile] cobweb_diamond -- A Cocktail and a Kiss on the Cheek. Mal/Ariadne.
[ profile] delires -- The World We Wanted. Cobb/Eames, Arthur/Eames, Mal/Eames, Mal/Cobb
[ profile] ethrosdemon -- The Deep End of the Ocean. Gen, Robert-centric.
[ profile] fermine -- In a Dream House, We All Ride Carousels. Cobb/Arthur
imperfectcircle -- Load, Misdirection, Switch. Ariadne/Saito, Arthur/Eames.
[ profile] kellifer_fic -- Remember How You Got Here. Ariadne/Arthur
[ profile] onthecount -- You Know We’ve Missed a Turn. Mal/Ariadne
[ profile] recrudescence -- Subjacent. Arthur/James
[ profile] someidiothasice -- Five Things That Never Happened to Arthur. Arthur/Mal, Arthur/Robert
[ profile] starlingthefool -- The Wind on the Mountain. Ariadne/Arthur/Eames
[ profile] traincar -- In the Face of All Odds. Arthur/Ariadne
[ profile] two_if_by_sea -- You Know This Type (i know your type). Arthur/Saito
[ profile] wldnst -- I Saw a Life, I Called It Mine. Ariadne/Yusuf, Arthur/Eames
[ profile] weatherfront -- Sorry It Had to Be Like This. Cobb/Arthur

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