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this all started because [ profile] cathenian mentioned on Twitter that her friend was getting in Inception fandom and needed some recs to be ~eased in. OBVIOUSLY, I TOOK THIS REQUEST TO HEART because as of 10/25/2011, this rec list contains 618 fic recs. (I KNOW.)

  • This is NOT a complete list. It will never be a complete list. As long as fandom stays alive, this will never be finished.
  • Also, despite common belief that I've read everything in this fandom, I HAVEN'T. 
  • I will be modifying these lists as long as I continue reading fic :D
  • Only reading & adding completed fics
  • YOU SHOULD SEND ME YOUR RECS. I AM JUST SAYING. quid pro quo, bro. quid pro quo.
  • er, the formatting varies a bit, but all recs A - Z are Arthur/Eames.
  • Please heed the warnings as listed by the author! I didn't post warnings as I know some people don't like to be spoiled, but if you do have a trigger, look at the author's notes before reading.
  • er, what else.
  • oh, resources! um, me mostly, but there are other fabulous rec lists out there! When I first got into fandom, I worked off a list made by [ profile] sms_recs (who is awesome, btw. if you're new to any of her fandoms, she will take care of you.) I also track [ profile] mementis' rec:arthur/eames tag which has led to many beautiful a find *_* [ profile] bookshop has also never led me astray. you can find her recs at delicious and on pinboard
  • ASK ME FOR MY PERSONAL COMMENTARY :D i like telling people what's good about fics/authors, so if you want a better idea of what you're getting yourself into, just let me know!
  • I left more notes/blathering here
  • Here are reasons why your fic isn't listed.

MASTERPOST | A - H | I - O | P - T | U - Z + EXTRAS

endnote: CURRENTLY READING/TO READ (aka authors who will be put on the list as soon as i'm finished):
[ profile] acquiescence_
[ profile] bauble
[ profile] dearprose
[ profile] elesteria
[ profile] gelbwax
[ profile] imogenedisease
[ profile] mami_san
[ profile] pen_pistola
[ profile] sho_no_tabi
[ profile] sparrow_hubris
[ profile] whiskyrunner
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