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the holiday season is upon us! :D
  • firstly, if you haven't been by [ profile] sneaqui's Inception friending meme, you are missing out!
  • secondly, IDK what to say to my new friends! HI FRIENDS :D if there is anything you want to chat about or squee over, PLEASE FEEL FREE <3 you are also never, ever obligated to stick around! if you get bored of/annoyed with/pissed at me, I will not be offended if you de-friend
  • thirdly, I am about to start writing holiday cards, so if you want one, either leave me your address here or PM it to me!
  • fourth, I have an iPad.(!!!) WHAT ARE SOME GOOD/FUN APPS! i like useful things for class. and also, puzzle/strategy games. but if it's a really cool action or rpg, I WILL NOT SAY NO. i can't keep playing temple run forever, my hand hurts.
  • lastly, if you haven't dropped by the holiday love meme and left some love (FOR ME.) you are also missing out.
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