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This journal is semi-friends only. All fic and graphics are public.
formerly caughttheact! before deciding to invest (yes, invest skdfjs;df) in a ~cooler~ name. I used to have a list of fandoms, but let's face, I've been in a year-long relationship with Inception, and it's high time I owned up and admitted that I haven't been active in any other fandom (yes, including AFI which was my first and now my former. they miss me a lot, i'm sure. :P) I am (finally!) of legal age--am working very, very hard on making that "legal drinking" age, but it's slow going at the moment. I go to college, I major in sciences, I can blather on about whatever for however long blah blah blah TIME FOR BULLET POINTS:
FEEL FREE TO (DE-)FRIEND :D my arms are open for you always

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